Live From the Formosa Session #5 and Zap Your PRAM 3

Live From the Formosa Tea House napkin notes Good friends Peter, Dan and I have recorded another session of Live from the Formosa Tea House. Basically, we record our lunch time conversation and put it online.

We got off to a rough start, but once things got rolling, we had a great conversation. This time we discussed the upcoming Zap Your PRAM 3 conference (don’t worry, you didn’t miss Zap 2, it didn’t happen).

Peter put together shockingly good show notes for our fifth episode of Live From the Formosa Tea House. I laughed out loud at several points during the showing – that must be a good thing.


5 thoughts on “Live From the Formosa Session #5 and Zap Your PRAM 3

  1. An event such as LftFTH just begs for a properly designed website of its own instead of grey and blue links, especially since it has its own domain. 🙂

  2. The show notes as an index are incredibly useful and make web audio like this almost practical as an information source. While I was tricked into the expectation of a Dan rant on Web 2.0 (which primarily suffers as a brand from not being Web 2.3) at least I knew where to find it. An hour amateur webbroadcast without indexing is disfunctional and a bit vain. Now find a way to tag the indexed audio segments (and not just to the index) so they are directly seachable and you may have something making a slight dent into the wonder that is text.

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