CBC Radio 3 Podcast in Ogg Vorbis

CBC Radio 3 Podcast (now with Ogg Vorbis!)

Despite having locked-out their employees, the CBC continues to do cool things (somehow).

The CBC Radio 3 Podcast features Canadian emerging artists who have given the CBC the ok to share their music online. If that wasn’t cool enough, the show is now available in the free and open-source audio format Ogg Vorbis (read a bit about why this matters). Also see the Digg.com post on the subject.

Nice work, CBC Radio 3. My music-geek and my open-source-geek selves giving each other a geeky high-five.

The CBC has also had an Ogg Vorbis stream of the main CBC Radio 1 and CBC Radio 2 stations available for a while now.

Here’s a clip from the show with a great promo for the Ogg Vorbis format (worth a listen):


One thought on “CBC Radio 3 Podcast in Ogg Vorbis

  1. CBC Radio is the best. Nice to see they are putting out such quality podcast segments as “How to Wax Your Ass” – set to the music of Bolero. Very funny.

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