Acts of Volition Radio: Session 19

Acts of Volition Radio: Session Nineteen

The nineteenth session of Acts of Volition Radio includes some new songs I’ve discovered recently, and some older material that you might not have heard before. I had a cold when I was recording it, so pardon the nasal tone.

Acts of Volition Radio: Session Nineteen (41MB MP3)
Newly discovered and recently rediscovered songs. Recorded Sunday, March 20, 2005 by Steven Garrity. Run time: 40 min.

Session Nineteen Playlist:

  1. Snow Patrol – Run
  2. Bright Eyes – Arc of Time
  3. Mir – So Perfect
  4. Our Lady Peace – Naveed
  5. Copyright – Transfiguration
  6. Mike Knott – Deaf and Dumb

For more, see the previous Acts of Volition Radio sessions.


20 thoughts on “Acts of Volition Radio: Session 19

  1. Steven, you don’t need to apologize for the Christian music. Good music is nothing to be ashamed of – disgregarding the beliefs/affiliations of the musicians. Than again, some people might have visions of Carmen doing his Satan Bite The Dust routine stuck in their head… maybe the disclaimer is warrented.

    By the way, your sessions just keep getting better and better. I think this was my favorite yet.

    Keep pushing Mike Knott. God knows he needs the publicity.

  2. Daniel: Thanks.

    Johnny: I understand completely.

    Levi: Thanks. I do think I have to appologize for “Christian music”, because it has earned a well deserved reputation for sucking ass. You’re right though, a great song is a great song.

  3. Very nice listen, again. 🙂

    The voice of the Copyright singer made me think of Kent at first (they had a bit of a hit in Europe in 1998 with ‘If You Were Here’, otherwise I don’t know how well-known they are), and now I keep racking my brain trying to figure out who else they remind me of. It’s most maddening.

    Not sure if you know of them already, but you might enjoy Kings of Convenience (beware, music starts when you enter the site, but it’s easily turned off). I’m especially fond of ‘Gold In The Air Of Summer’, and the video for ‘I’d Rather Dance With You’ is just really fun to watch.

  4. Steven,

    It kills me when I have to wait till the weekend to download your stuff, but my school ISP guys feel it’s necessary to restrict media downloads. It took me 8 hours to download 27 minutes of this weeks session, and that was when firefox decided the download was done. This weekend I should be able to hook my wireless internet elsewhere and download at respectable speeds, but it seems like it’s a long way off…

    I think the blocking system is pretty simple and looks only at the file extension. Any chance you could rename and post it as a .txt file just for me? I don’t know if it’d work or not but I do love aov radio, and I’m willing to try if you are.

    Well, thanks

  5. Can I quote your “I do think I have to appologize for “Christian music”, because it has earned a well deserved reputation for sucking ass.”

    It’s funny cause it’s true


  6. You have the session marked as “Session Nineteen,” but you introduce the playlist as “Session Eighteen Playlist.”

  7. Hoorah! Mike Knott. I’ve been long a fan of his stuff and I don’t consider it Christian music (if I did, I wouldn’t listen to it). But kudos to you for playing Knott. I think Rocket and a Bomb is even more relevant today than when it was released.

  8. “it has earned a well deserved reputation for sucking ass”

    I think that depends on what you mean by so-called “christian music”.

    Roadside Monument, Poor Old Lu, Mike Knott, Morella’s Forest, Velour100, Joe Christmas, Damien Jurado, Starflyer 59, Further Seems Forever, Seventy Sevens, Lost Dogs, The Prayer Chain, Tess Wiley, Pedro The Lion, Steve Taylor, The Innocence Mission – all these claim to be christians and most have more or less associated themselves with the christian music industry to some degree. I would have a hard time saying that any of those bands/artists suck. I hope people don’t look down on these artists simply because of their beliefs.

    If you mean: Sonicflood, ZOEgirl, Carmen, Newsong, Stacie Orracio, Plus1… yeah, they suck. Horribly so.

  9. Mike Knott goooood. If you don’t have it (I don’t yet) He’s hawking his latest “Comatose Soul” at his site. Did you know that he auditioned for Velvet Revolver? I wish he’d made it, the guy’s worked so hard for so many years that he deserves the cash.

    Levi, how dare you leave out The Choir, Havalina Rail Company, Danileson Famile, Stavesacre, the Violet Burning and gone but not forgotten, Tonio K? 😉

  10. Doug: You’re right. I was trying to think of all those artists but some slipped my mind. I’m sure there’s many more that I’ve just forgotten.

  11. good pick with the Snow Patrol. I didn’t care for that song to begin with, but it’s really grown on me lately. and MIR is always good.

  12. I’d had a really sh1tty week by about noon on Monday, when the post announcing a new session of AOV Radio turned up in my news aggregator. That was enough to put the smile back on my face for the rest of the day. Not the show, mind; I couldn’t download *that* until I got home later that evening. But knowing that there *was* a new show to look forward to; *that* made all the difference. Agree 100% that you shouldn’t feel free pressured to put out a show, but instead put one out when you’ve enough material to make it worthwhile; because, man, are your shows worth it when they *are* released. (And in case *the man* is reading, I’m now up to twelve CDs purchased as a direct result of hearing stuff played on AOV Radio). Respect, Steven!

  13. Hey, just came across your site by chance, this is great stuff. You’ve got some good taste. I’ve never seen any other high-quality, downloadable mp3 radio broadcasts before, but it’d be great to listen to for a long commute. Recommend any?

    I see you were part of Sloan’s official website. Funny, some friends of mine back in the day started up a local site design company, saw Sloan had no non-sucking official site, and tried to solicit them. Didn’t work out, but congrats on doing a good job and keep pushing that sweet Can-Con.

  14. Nice, relaxed playlist. Good for an Easter Monday’s afternoon of computing. 🙂

    But there’s a huge volume difference between the songs and your commentary, which, sadly, means I can’t hear you talk most of the time.

  15. I downloaded your show by accident while testing Blogmatrix. Lucky accident!!!

    Listened to shows 13-19 tonight and the rest are downloaded and waiting. One of the nicest things about downloaded radio is being able to replay something that catches your attention. I am doing that with almost every show.

    Great job.

  16. “Christian” is not a style of music. It is a style of religious belief with many, many subgenres. Trying to judge the relative quality of Christian music seems like trying to judge the quality of white cars verus all other colours. Nice session Steve. Like the Mike Knott. 🙂

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