Acts of Volition Radio: Session 18

Acts of Volition Radio: Session Eighteen The eighteenth session of Acts of Volition Radio is a collection of some old songs, some new songs, and an appeal to help me track down the composer of one of the songs.

Acts of Volition Radio: Session Eighteen (42MB MP3)
A collection of songs old and new. Recorded Thursday, January 13, 2005 by Steven Garrity. Run time: 47 min.

Session Eighteen Playlist:

  1. My Morning Jacket – One Big Holiday
  2. Pure – The Hammock
  3. The Innocence Mission – Lakes of Canada
  4. The Dell Griffiths – Annakin
  5. Joy Electric and Starflyer 59 – Blue Collar Love
  6. Joe Christmas – Scrabble Girl

For more, see the previous Acts of Volition Radio sessions.


9 thoughts on “Acts of Volition Radio: Session 18

  1. I think the image / logo is out of step (shows 17 instead of 18). The session itself (as with so many of the others) is fantastic! Keep up the great work; I, for one, really look forward to each new session.

  2. I had noticed this in my text based aggregator, but this episode wasn’t downloaded by my iPodder (iPodderX 2.1.2).

    I think the reason is that there is no enclosure element for this item in your RSS feed. Your other episodes do have enclosure elements.

    I can’t wait to listen to this episode, Thanks.

  3. I am digging the My Morning Jacket, in spite of the fact that they sound like Christopher Cross singing country tunes. I might be making this up, but I think I heard them interviewed a while back and apparently they get the big echo sound by recording in a converted grain silo.

  4. I hadn’t thought about Innocence Mission in years. I have thier first, self titled CD and like it quite a lot. I bought Umbrella, the second one and it was a bit too whiney for me (as is the song you feature here, sorry) I just looked at their discography and was surprised to see that they have 10 albums now! Must have been in the learly 90s when I heard of them. If I recall they are from Pennsylvania and the singer and guitarist are married, or are they siblings?…I reccomend the self titled CD, it very dreamy and floaty.

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