Firefox 1.0: Coming Tuesday November 9, 2004

Screenshot of with Pre-Firefox 1.0 announcement
Firefox 1.0: Coming Tuesday November 9, 2004


8 thoughts on “Firefox 1.0: Coming Tuesday November 9, 2004

  1. Anne: I’ve only been involved peripherally in the site, but I think it will be updated for 1.0, yeah.

    ~bc: happy early birthday.

  2. Yeah, I can’t wait either. If only I didn’t have classes all of tomorrow morning, then I could run to my computer and download it, I’m sure just like the millions of other Firefox Fanatics (haha, I think that’s pretty catchy).

    Anyway, Steven, I’ve got a question for you. How do you always make your screenshots so professional and clean cut? I’ve been noticing lately that the images you put on your site all look incredibly sharp and clear – nothing like the screenshots I attempt to make. I know you’re quite adept when it comes to this sort of thing (being on the ‘Mozilla Visual Identity Team’ and whatnot), but is there any tip/piece of advice you could lend that would make taking clean screenshots somewhat easier (i.e., any piece of miracle software I haven’t heard of for some reason?). For example, the one in this post, and the one you posted a month or so ago ( are both really amazing. Just pure curosity, sorry.

  3. If you’re saving them as JPEGs instead of PNGs or TIFFs or some other lossless format, you’ll have a downgrade in quality (not only because of the lossy compression, but also because JPEGs are meant for photographs, not graphics).

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