SpreadFirefox.com Likes Me

Slice illustration

Being as humble as I am, it can be difficult for me when I’m showered with praise. However, it does soften the humility blow when the praise is written cleverly and with wit. Such is the case in my selection as Volunteer of the Week at SpreadFirefox.com.

SpreadFirefox.com, is a community site focused on promoting the Firefox browser through a variety of campaigns. They’ve been tracking the progress as 2 million copies of Firefox Preview Release 1 have been downloaded in the last 10 days.

The best part (after, of course, the illustration of myself in the style of the Slice of the Month) is being referred to as the “Martha Stewart of Web Browsers”.



9 thoughts on “SpreadFirefox.com Likes Me

  1. Jevon and I were driving back and forth to Moncton last week and we agreed that maybe the whole Firefox breakthrough is more important than it seems on the surface. Might it not in the context of more time be seen as the tipping point for when the Open Source Model broke through. As an example and a metaphor, it may be The Story that enables this idea of the community building robust open solutions for itself become real enough to mobilize a much wider movement that extends beyond software and includes all services?

    If so, those of us that know you now will be able to say that ” I knew” Steve Garrity” and impress the hell out of our grandchildren

  2. Way to go, Steven! Firefox is the door to a desktop future with real options and you have done an awesome job of pushing it forward.

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