Live from the Formosa #2 – Now with Topics!

Live from the Formosa #2

We’ve taken a second shot at our little tech-talk-radio thing we call Live at the Formosa (even though it’s not really live). This time, we’ve taken some advice on recording and should have significantly improved (if still relatively poor) recording quality.

This time, we also armed ourselves with some specific topics which should bring some more coherence to the conversation. That said, we feel it just went on too long (especially my Firefox bit). Next time, we’ll try to keep it under 30 minutes.

Topics this week include:

  • Steven (me) on the Firefox 1.0 Preview Release
  • Dan on the silverorange stuff website
  • Peter on his voice-over-ip/telephony experiments

Listen to Live from the Formosa #2 (download the 11MB MP3 file).


12 thoughts on “Live from the Formosa #2 – Now with Topics!

  1. I prefer to think of it as a “shout-out”, but whatever.

    This is the first proof we have that anyone has listened actually to us. Gold!

  2. Hey, bring back the AAC… if I’m going to listen to you all babble, I want it 20% smaller. On the flip side, it makes a solo day off feel like I have other friends with the same day off over for some tea and crumpets (except with out the tea and crumpets and a lot of abOOt.) 😉

  3. Sure I listen! Its somehow quite soothing when I’m working late to hear your voices chatting away amiably. I loved the info on internet telephony – must look into it further…

  4. I didn’t know about your show until last night and listened to both. The quality of the second is definitely great. Keep it up when you’re inspired. It’s neat to hear some Canadian content on these downloadable audio shows.

  5. Neat! Well done guys. Might as well tell you how very much I support this cause.

    Feedbacks I’d offer about Firefox v1.0PR are:

    I hope it has a ‘close all’ shortcut or dropdown form the menu. I open miles of sites in one go through the ‘open all tabs’ and then closing them all in one go becomes a pain since I have session saver installed.

    Exporting Cookies

    The audio quality is pretty neat. Well done. Go Firefox yay!

  6. Hey Steve, great stuff! This witty dialog kept boredom from creeping in while working. Any chance you’ll do an actual “live” netcast? That would be an interesting challenge, I think. Maybe to keep it light you guys could do an Abbott & Costello routine.

  7. Really enjoyed your show, especially your segment on firefox. I’m not a techie and didn’t even know that version 1.0 had been released (still using 0.9.2) I’m headed over to now to download the update. I added you to my news aggregator in hopes of catching any future shows. Keep up the good work.

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