Firefox on Local CBC Radio

CBC Radio’s head geek, Tod Maffin, did a great piece about Firefox for CBC Radio today. I was invited into the local evening CBC Radio show, Mainstreet with Matt Rainnie to talk about the local connection we have to Firefox.

Today, Mainstreet played Todd’s piece and followed up with my interview. Listen to the two pieces together (6.4MB MP3 – 16 minutes).

I’m reluctantly becoming a local media representative for all things Firefox. I’m talking to the evening TV news tomorrow afternoon. It’s not a full-page spread in the New Zealand Herald, but it’ll do.


7 thoughts on “Firefox on Local CBC Radio

  1. Reluctant or not, picture this: since there are so many “locals” participating in the Mozilla project, imagine how many stories like yours there could be in hometown media, around the world.

    “(Your locale here) man/woman is fighting Microsoft, for free, for you and might just win.”

    That’s a lot of free, almost word-of-mouth-credible advertising.

  2. LOL! A million downloads in 10 hours… Man, I wish.

    Anyway, nice job on getting airtime… any suggestions on how other folks can get on local radio shows and do the same?

  3. Open source software – especially that which does important work running on Windows OSes, needs all public exposure it can get. Your and your company’s efforts to support giving the world an alternative to the poorly crafted software of the M$ parasite deserve some recognition as well.

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