Acts of Volition Radio: Session 15

Acts of Volition Radio: Session Fifteen I had already accumulated a great list of songs to share, so session 15 of Acts of Volition Radio comes out hot of the heels of theprevious session. No musical theme this time, but all great songs.

Acts of Volition Radio: Session Fifteen (42MB MP3)
More good music. Recorded Wednesday, September 29, 2004 by Steven Garrity. Run time: 42min.

Session Fifteen Playlist:

  1. Gordie Sampson – Sunburn
  2. Gandharvas – First Day of Spring
  3. Green Day – Holiday
  4. Smashing Pumpkins – 1979
  5. U2 – Vertigo
  6. Aunt Bettys – Jesus
  7. Fleming & John – Love Songs

For more, see the previous Acts of Volition Radio sessions.


10 thoughts on “Acts of Volition Radio: Session 15

  1. Another great session Steven. I especially like how Gordie Sampson manages to rhyme Wolfe Blass into a song. Daniel and AkaXakA: I think Steven has clearly stated in previous episodes that he’s never and never will promise a regular schedule, so we’ll just take what we can when he’s ready to make a new episode.

  2. Loved the session but feel compelled to stick up for Bono, because I am a Bono guy. Here is a quote from Bono at the Labour Party Convention in the UK:

    “Africa makes a fool of our idea of justice; it makes a farce of our idea of equality. It mocks our pieties, it doubts our concern, it questions our commitment.

    “Because there’s no way we can look at Africa – a continent bursting into flames – and if we’re honest conclude that it would ever be allowed to happen anywhere else.

    “Anywhere else. Certainly not here. In Europe. Or America. Or Australia, or Canada. There’s just no chance.

    “You see, deep down, if we really accepted that Africans were equal to us, we would all do more to put the fire out.”

    I don’t think he’s an idiot. I think he’s full of himself, but not an idiot. Also, the major difference betweem Bono and Rain Mehta (not really sure how you spell that) is that Bono can sing whereas on a good day Rain sounds like a diseased yak.

    Loved the session. Keep em’ comin.

  3. First of all, I love that you guys are actually listening. I have a good time putting the shows together and get a real charge out of knowing that people are hearing the music.

    Johnny, for some reason I’m surprised to hear that you’re a Bono man. I should clarify. I think Bono “comes across as an idiot” in one-on-one interview. I’m not sure he is an idiot. Example of him sounding like a jack-ass: VH1 Classic Albums on Joshua Tree (oh, VH1 Classic Albums made Paul Simon sound like an idiot on the Graceland episode too – maybe it’s them)

  4. Hey, thanks for the Gandharvas! I loved that song some years ago and haven’t heard it in a long while, I really enjoyed hearing it again. Rock on Steven!

  5. Is it true Canadians do not get Fox News? I thought I heard that somewhere. If you don’t, you really missed out on something. Bill O’Reilley interviewed Bono about Africa during the RNC, and it was a great interview. Bono certainly didn’t sound like an idiot, and he actually had O’Reilley agreeing with him on a couple points at the end.

    “Vertigo” rocks, by the way. The UK’s “Q Magazine” has a track-by-track article on the new album, with comments on each song from the band:

    I can’t wait!

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