Reviewing the Future of America

Future Soundtrack for America

I’ve written a review of the McSweeney’s book, The Future Dictionary of America, and the accompanying CD, Future Soundtrack for America.

As I state in the review, I’m a bit creeped-out by the politics and slightly-too-hip-ness of it all. That said, this is a good CD.

Here’s a sample definition from The Future Dictionary of America:

seven dollar socialist [$7 soh’-shul-ist] n. an activist, usually found in wealthy, liberal cities like San Francisco, whose high tax bracket income affords him or her the luxury of their rabid, liberal views. Ex.: an Ipod-carrying, Jetta-driving, organic-tomato-eating protester waving a placard reading Socialism Now while waiting in line to buy a $7 sandwich at Bi-Rite. – NOAH HAWLEY

Read the review for more.


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