Luna Blue Theme (v0.3) for Mozilla Thunderbird Update

I was contacted this week by Alexander Klimetschek, who has built on the work of Hal Hockersmith to get finally get out a version 0.3 of the Luna Blue Theme for Mozilla Thunderbird.

My motivation for working on this theme was purely selfish, and now that I’m running Linux instead of Windows, I don’t have that motivation anymore. Fortunately, others have picked up the slack.

This version should work with Thunderbird 0.7.

Zip Icon Download/Install Luna Blue (v0.3) for Mozilla Thunderbird

lunablue-thunderbird-0.2.jar – 703Kb RAR File

UPDATE: Alexander Klimetschek has created an updated version of this theme (Download v0.4) as mentioned in this comment.

I know this won’t make any difference, but it’s worth a shot: I am not maintaining this theme anymore. I’ve just posted it here as a convenient location for people to find it.


9 thoughts on “Luna Blue Theme (v0.3) for Mozilla Thunderbird Update

  1. YES! I new somebody would come through. I will be modifying the old site as it was for the beta only. Thanks Everyone now people will not know their Outlook express is missing. Hopefully the Mozilla folks will keep the current format for a while.

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