Echo Hatchback Fuel Efficiency Correction

Back in August of 2003, I wrote about my new Echo Hatchback and how it’s fuel effeciency was surprisingly good when compared to hybrid vehicles (and way cheaper). It turns out I was comparing miles per US gallon with miles per Imperial gallon.

A unit conversion problem caused the crash of a NASA Mars orbiter, so hopefully you’ll cut me some slack. I’ve updated the original post with the appropriate figures and added a note explaining the mistake and the change.

While the accurate data does put the Echo Hatchback further from the hybrids than my original (bad) data, I think it’s close enough that my original point still stands.

Thanks to the reader who pointed this out and sorry for the confusion.


3 thoughts on “Echo Hatchback Fuel Efficiency Correction

  1. i don’t think we’d have these problems if the states just sucked it up and started using the metric system, like the rest of the world…

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