Acts of Volition gets Slashdotted!

I have reached uber-geek nirvana: our Branding Mozilla article has been Slashdotted.


9 thoughts on “Acts of Volition gets Slashdotted!

  1. I hope the Slashdotting didn’t kill the website for too long, but very good articles! I’m not a Mozilla user myself, but I understand you’re point completely, and I think they should work towards that goal.

    Good articles here…Get Slashdotted more often so I remember to come back.

  2. Are you planning to design the Mozilla 2.0 brand identity by yourself? How can I give you a hand? The project seems really interesting, I would be glad to contribute!

  3. Although I agreed ideologically, I wasn’t interested in open source software until I saw some striking screen shots of Gnome and KDE. It is particularly important for open source software to avoid the perception that it is cobbled together. Thanks.

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