Weblogging the P.E.I. Election

Friends of Acts of Volition and speakers at the Zap Your PRAM Conference Robert Patterson and Will Pate have been running the Election Watch weblog to blog the Prince Edward Island provincial election.

They’ve done a fine job. I was hoping to participate myself, but it didn’t pan out (too much else going on). CBC PEI has an in-depth RealVideo piece on Robert and Will’s Election (6min 44sec – RealVideo).

They even have Premier Pat Binns on camera explaining why he doesn’t post to his weblog himself. CBC did a good job of covering the convergence the weblog and politics. It’s not an easy thing for the traditional media to cover. Well done to Nancy Russell and all of CBC PEI.


One thought on “Weblogging the P.E.I. Election

  1. Thanks for the props, Steve. It was good to have you contribute where you could.

    I was mighty impressed too with how well the bloggers and the CBC worked together. I figured they would be a little nervous about bloggers, but it turns out that a lot of people down at CBC on University Avenue are blog readers themselves. The next step is to get Nancy Russell blogging!

    We’re getting geared up to do something similar for the City of Charlottetown election scheduled to start the day after the provincial one wraps up. I suspect the federal election slated for spring will be ripe for blog coverage too.

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