Northern Exposure coming to DVD (no thanks to me)

Last year when I posted asking for people to sign a petition asking for the release of the Northern Exposure TV series on DVD, over 1000 people came out of the woodwork before I turned it off. Despite my reluctance to fan the flames again (I was interviewed about it on a local radio show and my co-workers have never let me forget about it), there is some news.

I emailed the petition to a few of the companies involved in the production/ownership of the Northern Exposure series, but didn’t receive any responses. I doubt our petition had much impact (I’m sceptical that any online petitions ever have any impact). Regardless, there is now a glimmer of hope. A diligent reader has alerted us to a USA Today story run on Yahoo News:

While many beloved series have found a new home on DVD and on viewers’ shelves, a few holdouts such as Seinfeld and Northern Exposure remain — but not for long. DVD releases are in the works for both series. They are among the most requested DVDs on [Source]

It’s not much — no release date or other info, but I can now look forward to the release and to listening to Chris on KBHR at my leisure.


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  1. I have received a semi-anonymous second-hand tip about the (hopefully) impending release of Northern Exposure on DVD. The tipster claims that a video store manager told him that “the first season would be released by the end of 2003, with the following seasons being released about every other month.”

    My tipster also said that his source claims to have spoken “directly to an industry insider who told him this information”.

    I don’t know how reliable the tipster is, and the tipster claims not to know how reliable the original source is.

  2. okay – i posted this when the original post was up – ive had a dvd of the entire first season of northern exposure for about a year and a half now. My sister bought it in ireland. Im surprised you cant get a canadian version of the dvd.

  3. The first season is available in the UK, however in order to watch the DVD’s, you would need a DVD player which can read DVD’s released oversees. Sounds crazy, but that’s the deal. Have you watched the DVD’s on a player sold here in the states? I would be interested to see if they work or not.

  4. Yep

    Had the first season for some time now, but was becoming increasingly frustrated at the lack of forthcoming info. regarding the rest.

    I mean, it seems absurd to think that it wouldn’t *all* make the transition to DVD. Amazing writing. By far the best show of the 90s.

    Here’s hoping.

  5. Just bought Series 1 and am hot on the trail for the others, know where i can getta hold of em?

  6. My FAVORITE show of all time. I have it all bootlegged onto VHS but man would I love a DVD set. Bring it on damn it!

  7. Is anyone selling copies of northern exposure VHS – the whole series? I would LOVE to buy a copy. I sure hope they come out with the dvd set soon.

  8. bring on all the NoExp DVD’s. I am SO excited to hear that it may be in the works. I have been checking in on this issue from time to time since they stopped airing them on A&E. I caught it every day at 2 pm during college. Every time I watch Sex and the City w/ my girl, I have to remind her that “Aiden” was “Chris” on Exposure. One of the many excellent characters on that show.

  9. I noticed someone is selling NX season 1 on DVD on Ebay, and they claim its the US edition. Does anyone know if this is legit, or has anyone purchased it from Ebay? Its around $40. I’d hate to buy it and not be able to play it on my DVD player. Thanks! –amy

  10. For UK people – I got series 1 on VHS a while ago and have been phoning Universal for ages to try and get dates for Series 2 + – The last response I had from them was that there were ‘issues’ with the rights of the songs used in the soundtrack so it might take a while .

  11. Thank God. My parents sent me tapes of the show while I was living in Japan. It kept me sane. I have been hoping this would happen for years.

  12. I am so happy to hear this…. I am in Alaska and been wanting the series for years…. but waited for the DVD version. Does anyone know about the UK listing of the DVD on Ebay? Is this a pirated thing?

  13. UK DVDs are Region 2 DVDs which are coded to only play back on Region 2 DVD players. USA & Canada are region 1. This happens quite a bit. Back to the Future was available 12 months before you could get it in the US, as well as a lot of TV series are released before they are in the US (don’t know why though.)

    The good news is that if it’s released in the UK it certainly increases the chances they will be released in the US (especially if it sold reasonably well in the UK.)

    Of course you could always buy a region free DVD player that will do PAL to NTSC conversion as well. Then you can pretty much play back any DVD on the planet regardless of what region it is encoded for.

  14. I’m camping out already, right now, it’s not in front of a store
    just in my front yard. Can’t wait. Thanks Steve.

  15. Anything other than Season 1 is a bootleg (as of September 2003). Season 1 is only available in the UK, and it’s been out for something like 2 years there. Many cheap no-name DVD players (Apex, Norcent, and Cyber Home) will play back PAL discs without any problem, and they can get around the Regional encoding via a series of presses on the remote or updated firmware. Go to nerd-out dot com for info on specific players.

    If you’re seeing Season 2 or newer discs for sale, they’re recorded onto recordable DVDs, either dubbed from tapes or recorded straight from TV broadcasts. The show’s not currently on in the US (Hallmark Channel dropped it), but if you have a friend in Canada with a DVD recorder or a VCR, they show it on Canada every day.

  16. Hopefully this is not repetitive info, but there are 2 sites I recommend folks keep their eyes on for the NX DVDs.

    1. On the front page there is a ‘latest news’ table that gets updated daily. I have gotten into a (nasty) habit of checking this a couple times a week to see if any announcements are made. They tend to be very in-tune and quick with the info.

    2. This is a comprehensive DVD release schedule (movies and TV)…it ain’t very pretty, but it is frequently updated and very thorough. In fact if you look toward the bottom you will see NX is already listed in the ‘Coming Soon’ section…just a matter of a release date/dates getting posted!

    Take care.

  17. I own the region 2 season one NX dvd set and live in australia with a multi-zone dvd player. As far as i am aware it is no longer available in the U.K new, at least through any legal channels. HMV U.K were the only place that sold it up until about 6 months ago. I am so glad that the Region 1 release of THE ENTIRE SERIES is on its way. In a world where rubbish such as ‘Angel’ and Star Trek incarnations that aren’t even that commercially successfully are pumped out onto DVD almost immediately, it is indeed a sham that a series of the calibre of NX has taken so long. NX fans are a many and varied group and I have run into many of them on my travels. It is heartening to know some people just ‘get it’. NX truly touched people’s hearts and continues to do so, bring it on!!!!!!!!!
    Warm regards, Alistair

  18. Anyway of knowing when it’s going to happen? I would even settle buying good copies of VHS and buying a DVD recorder!

  19. Its about time, I’m still going through withdrawell, see I can’t even spell thinking about it, after all these years

  20. Can it be true, actually comming soon??? Can hardly wait.

    So happy to have found this site. Have been craving NX for quite some time now and am THRILLED to know I’m not the only one. Will be checking back here for further news. Thanks especially to “JT” for postng those other addresses.

    Regards all.

  21. I watched the Northern Exposure series at least once if not twice when it was offered on A&E.It is the funniest, quirkiest show I have seen in a long time. I am so thrilled that it is coming out on DVD. I can’t wait to get my hands on a copy or two.

  22. My wife and I recorded every episode we could when NExp. was on A&E years ago, but of course they are on VHS and with the commercials, it would be totally awesome to get the DVD’s of them. I can’t wait. Northern Exposure is the best TV series that has ever been, I like it better than Seinfeld too. There just has never been another show like it since. The characters were great and the overall shows just draw you in. At first I didnt like the show, but when they released them on A&E I got hooked and that show just Rocks. It’s great to watch in the winter time and cuddle with your significant other. Just an excellent production, excellent writers. Too bad TV isnt this good anymore!!!

  23. NX on DVD, I’ve been waiting ever since DVD was created.
    If it’s true, I don’t need any other Television Media, this is it.

  24. I have been a diehard NX fan since it began in 1990. I have every episode on VHS, however some of the quality not too great, poor taping, poor tapes. I gleaned them from friends, A&E, and Hallmark. I, of course, never thought to tape them when they were on originally. I’ll be thrilled if they are really coming out on DVD. Thank you to everyone who posted information about the release of the entire series on DVD. I did find out that you can give Amazon your email and they will notify you when the DVDs are available. It is also a vote to have them become available on DVD.

  25. While I would never personally endorse file sharing (grins), there are many episodes available for download on Kazaa. A little something to hold you over til they finally start releasing them for real. With that said, I will still be first in line to buy them all on DVD. What a great show.

  26. Wow! What more can one say 🙂 This is something many of us have been waiting for, for so many years. Great news indeed!

  27. Can’t wait, can’t wait, can’t wait. Oh Jesus, I’ve been hounding everybody involved for years. I’m so damn excited, I have a fund ready to buy the discs as soon as they come out. Best show ever. I can’t imagine having all 110 episodes all in digital perfection, ready to be played at my whim.

  28. This is SO great, this news…and I truly, really hope it pans out (and happens soon; not, like, in a year and a half…and I wonder if they’ll release Seasons 1 and 2 together, or combine them), but, yeah, NX on DVD…would be awesome; I only discovered the show 2 or 3 years ago (on A&E) when I was still in high school (I accidentally caught the last half-hour of Animals R Us, and I fell in love), but it means so much to me (and I have such fond memories)…I used to tape the late night Hallmark showings and watch them the next evening (on my little TV; and would watch them over and over when depressed or when it was cold or rainy) but I’ve yet to see all the episodes, even. The ones I still have on tape…but such creative writing, a unique setting, genuine charm and thought, and quirky characters…anyway, just a romantic, charming show that always ended on a thoughtful note. I will definitely be in line the day its released!

  29. We have the first series on VHS and the various laserdisc releases but didn’t realise that anything had been made available on DVD. Out of interest, are there any extras on the DVD set?

    Looking forward to seeing the rest of the series sometime, hopefully, soon.

    Cheers, Neil

  30. There’s NOTHING I look forward to purchasing more than the whole flingin’ series on dvd. I have almost all of the episodes (save for a couple of the last-season non-Fleischman ones) on vhs. I think if my house ever burned down they’d be among the things I’d grab running out. That and the souvenir piano-key I clawed my way at on E-Bay several years back. Anyway, thanks for keeping us updated with news on the release; I’ll keep my eyes peeled out in the world for news to share, too.

  31. Looking forward to the release of Northern Exposure. I have copies of the show on VHS from A&E. We have over a hundred shows recorded. We watch them all the time. A&E showed them in order of appearence. Most are in good shaped,but some are a little fuzy. But none the less, we do enjoy them. Hope to have them on DVD real soon. There are a lot of us out there that will never forget THAT show. We are also diehard fans of the show Moonlighting.Kathleen

  32. Did a search on Yahoo yesterday and found Tescos (UK supermarket chain,, had DVD NX season one in stock, (region 2 PAL), ordered it and it turned up in the post this morning. Promptly watched 2 episodes and now feel much better. Been a number of years since I last saw a programme.

  33. I just came from ebay. Someone was selling “all” the espisodes on VHS format. The bid was somewhere around 200$. I was so so so close to putting in a bid. I don’t need money for food, right? Just a spaghetti plate from Roslyn Cafe. I have maybe 20 episodes recorded off A&E. I need some more! Hello,
    Mr.DVD maker, profits are awaiting you.
    Also if anyone would like to sell any extra(haha) copies of the old vhs episodes, please email me.

  34. Oh joy! I have all but 2 episodes on tape, but would love the entire unedited series on DVD. Thanks for letting us know. If they got it out in Britain, why not here? NOW! love,Eliz

  35. Yahoooooo!!!!!!!!!! Dance* Dance*, Snazzle* Snazzle*!! I’ve been waiting such a long time for this – the sign-up list at Amazon seems to have helped. Thanks to all of you who put their names. Celebrate Good Times, Come on!!!!!

    I AM STOKED!!!!!!!!! 🙂

  36. Just to let everyone know that I absolutely would love to get a “copy” of Northern Exposure on VHS or DVD. “Chris” is the man. Miss this show so much….

  37. For what its worth, until NX is released commercially (and I wonder if they will ever release ALL of the episodes), I am taking advantage of the fact that NX is still being aired in Canada (3 times a day) on a digital station. I have invested in some digital recording equipment and am getting excellent DVDs, and copies, for less than $3 per episode, 5 episodes per disc (sans commercials, including mailing). I have almost finished recording the entire series.

  38. Thank you so very much for starting this petiton. I absolutely love this show and have been looking all over for it. Do you know of any petitions currently going on for the show to be played on television? If I had DVDs that wouldn’t be necessary, but if anyone knows please contact me. Thanks!

  39. Have just watched series 1 on DVD in the UK. Now want series 2…looking forward to its release…

  40. Just a quick note. The UK dvd set is a good one and can be watched on most any DVD Computer Player, as they aren’t coded for certain areas. A little frustrating to have to watch it in a desk chair in my home office, but worth it sometimes! Glad to see a little light at the end of the tunnel and hope to see the show on the larger screen while on the couch with a remote in my hand!

    Take it easy,


  41. Happy happy joy joy! NX on DVD sounds great to me! Can’t wait, I too have begun the great camp out for release day.

  42. I have seen NX Region 1 (US) for sale on ebay. Anyone know if this is legit? says it is not yet in production.

  43. It feels really good to know that there are a few people left who know how to think. That’s what NX does, it makes us think. And it makes us laugh while we think. There is something about watching a few episodes that just changes the way I feel. Maybe it’s the slow pace [except Joel], or the way everybody in Cicily seems to get things across without having to say it all out loud. Oh well, I’m just glad to know you guys are out there and that you “get it” too. Hope to see you in the check-out line with NX DVD’s under our arms.

  44. I am so looking forward to NX coming out on DVD. It’s one of, if not the best show to come around in the last 15 years or so. I for one will definately collect all of the episodes available when that happens.
    Thanks so much for all the effort put into this endeavor.


    WB Christina

  45. Yippeee!!!

    And to think I had acutally put in a $200 bid for bootlegged VHS tapes on Ebay (somebody must have ratted the seller out because they cancelled the auction.) I really, really hope this is true…Santa, I’ve been a good girl! 🙂 Glad to know there are other NX freaks out there. Just hope I don’t have to bring out the karate moves on any of you in the DVD aisle!

  46. My husband and I have been waiting for YEARS to get the COMPLETE series on DVD/VHS. NE was by far one of the top 5 tv series ever!

  47. I’m actually a littled annoyed as to how this series is being handled on dvd here in the UK. I’ve had the first season dvd for ages and there’s no sign of season 2 onward. I certainly won’t buy bootlegs, I would like official releases. The first season dvd was adequate enough, transfer could have been better but it’s not a bad price really for 8 episodes. I hope the petition works but I’d have thought if the company released season 1 then it would release the rest without a petition, it’s not like there’s no fan base for it.

  48. Question about this petition…where is it and how does one sign it?

    Who will be the company that will release NX on DVD?

    I sure hope we hear something soon.


  49. I’ve had the 1st season on tape for about a year now. I’ve almost worn the tapes out.’s got the 1st season on PAL, new players usually plays both PAL and NTSC. by the way check out how many copies they’ve sold, and you’ll get why they haven’t released more yet.


  50. I am so excited i have found this site i have 1 series of NX on v.h.s and am terrified it is going to get chewed up! cant wait for the d.v.d s and cant believe it has taken so long. much love Tracy

  51. I just Had to add my thoughts to this board because I was completely unaware of the avalanche of fans there are out there.

    Of course the show changed my life. Of course I miss it. It’s the autumn colors we forget in April. The soft snowflakes we try not to think about in July. If it’s not around us, we may indeed forget this work of art that is Northern Exposure. Some of us were lucky to record an episode or two. Some of us were unlucky enough to be ignorant as the show flew through A&E and Hallmark channels.

    We need this show to remind everyone all that’s worth saving out there. And the stuff within us that doesn’t have to just come out for a 60 minute time span (get rid of those pesky commercials and it leaves us time to get on with our lives of course).

    Anyone with the power, read this: Release this on Region 1 DVD and you will NOT be sorry.

  52. i am so ILL that they have yet to come out with the DVD set for Northern Exposure. i would have made sure to tape the whole series when it was on at 2 am on channel 11 in NYC years ago. i would just tape over the show. what a shame! i guess there isnt enough demand for the show to be released on DVD; most people i guess arent bright or deep enough to appreciate the sheer brilliance and utter humanity of that program. perhaps a bright executive working at CBS may someday make this his pet project:)

  53. I absolutely loved watching NX on A&E….I would even take the series on VHS but DVD would be a dream. Anyone with info on where I could find it on VHS please let me know? Thanks alot

  54. As I mentioned here (on Sept 28/03), since I live in Canada and get a digital signal with NX 3 times a day, I have invested in some digital recording equipment. To help stranded NX fans, I record it directly to a master DVD and can make copies for less that $3 per episode (sans commercials, 5 episodes per disc, including handling and mailing costs).


  55. Yes, we do have region 2 series 1 in UK, and many , many bootlegs are around for the other series. I bought one of series 2 but it’s not so good. This is the best news I have had (the fact they may be preparing the series for release in the U.S.) – is it really true though, has no Company rep. working on this project even looked at this site??? Can somone tell us the truth or is it all just Mooseburgers!

  56. I have several episode of Northern Exposure that I am
    transfering to dvd . I am missing some episodes . I would like to make trades of episodes that I dont have for ones that other need . If you are interested
    please contact me via email .

  57. Mooseburgers indeed. What’s up with the release of the DVD’s? I just saw that shows like Smallville and Angel already have 1st season releases. Frickin Smallville??!? Smallville is not the start of a pimple on the ass of Northern Exposure…

    Earlier in the postings, I read rumors of perhaps a Christmas release? C’mon, give us something, anything…lie to me (sob)…

  58. We meet a guy who had a collection of tapes that he let us borrow.
    Loved the show so much but never did see most of them.
    I would love to have a DVD of NX and have requested it many times.

  59. I teach literature classes at a college level. I use both Thanksgiving and Seoul Mates in my class. An excellent series that I put up there beside only one or two others.

  60. Im looking for VHS, copy or original. just cant wait until they finally put it on DVD. Any help? aubreyshoupe@hotmail

  61. A series with class! If anyone out there has any pull of any kind with the production industry, PLEASE HELP US GET THIS ON DVD ASAP! NX was a show that put warmth in your heart on any cold winter night. It always will. Like “MASH” it will live forever.

  62. Hey friends, When you search for NX DVDs on Amazon, they say the following:
    Northern Exposure (1990)
    Availability: NOT YET RELEASED: The studio is currently not producing this title on DVD, but to be notified when it is available, enter your e-mail address at right. You’ll also be voting for this release; we’ll let the studio know how many customers are waiting for this title.

  63. Thank you all for the info on NX (the best show ever) I had no idea there were so many fans like me. I will goto right away and vote for the release. I, like many of you, have several vhs tapes full of episodes taped off of A&E but would love the dvds!!

  64. Please please let it be true! Northern Exposure is my most favourite series of all time, ever… if it finally makes it to the stores here in the UK, I’m going to buy the lot – I’ll get a loan if I have to. Just the best…

  65. Northern Exposure was my favorite series ever. I am so glad I came across this site. I would love to have it on DVD. The story lines were great, the characters were great and I couldn’t wait to tune in every Monday night. I’ll wear my DVD player out when it gets released on DVD!

  66. OK, the Jamie Kennedy Experiment gets a season on DVD and there’s no NX DVDs?! Where’s the justice in that? I have been waiting with bated breath for the NX release for years. My VHS tapes that I taped off of A&E in 1999 are pretty worn out.

  67. Been jones’n for this series to appear on DVD format. Bring it on! Absolutely best escapist fare ever aired.

  68. Just knowing they are coming makes all the difference. My video collection is wearing out and trying to transfer them to a DVD via Philips VCR to DVD set is pain-staking and not to mention costly.

    Bring on the Ultimate DVD Collection

  69. yes there is northern exposure available on e-bay season 1 .make sure it is from universal and not play back (a copy out of canada)has a red square on top side of cover and also will not have universal logo on front cover lower right i know i bought one off e-bay .I COULD NOT RESIST I NEEDED THE FIX YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN .I AM STILL WAITING FOR THE ORIGINALS I WILL BY ALL 110 EPISODES OR BY THE SEASONS ALL 6. THANK YOU A TRUE NORTHERN EXPOSURE FAN.

  70. It’s now December 8th and no news that I know of. Anyone else know if there is any hope of the series coming out on DVD? I think I would pay almost anything to have this to get me through the rest of my life. These people, this story is our mythology. Please get the news out if it ever happens. Lily

  71. Well, the year is nearly over and I have yet to hear any updates on the release of “Northern Exposure” on DVD.
    That was such an important show to me. I nearly took a job in ’93 to work on the set of the show, I ended up taking a job in Michigan instead. Stupid me! I taped a number of the reruns on A&E and unfortunately my cable provider didn’t carry Hallmark. When I asked Hallmark why they stopped airing “NX” , the woman told me, “Don’t worry about it. We have plenty of good shows on the network.” Huh? There is no better show than “Northern Exposure.” Our planet is crying out for more. Where are you John and Joshua?

    “Jessie was a great big bear.” — Holling Vincouer
    cue “Caribbean Blue” by Enya. What could be better, folks??

  72. Alas, I too am awaiting news on NX. I finally gave up and ordered tapes from every source I could find – spent a fortune! Tughard – I have tried emailing you every which way and the mail comes back undeliverable. Please contact me as I would like to ask about some copies. Can someone tell me which episode it is that Marilyn goes to Seattle and which one does Maggie meet a guy who turns into a bear?? Those are two I would like to see again, along with Get Real and On Your Own. Thanks!

  73. It’s so nice to see all this support for Northern Exposure on DVD. I’ve been dying to get my hands on it and I just hope we see it in come true in 2004. It just drives me crazy that every other show in existence is available on DVD but the greatest show EVER created is being ignored. Very very frustrating, but I guess typical since it seems so many people ignore the real quality shows with substance.

  74. GREAT! I’ve been searching for NX for quite some time now. I’m in Manila, Philippines and it’s quite common for Philippine studios to just stop the series without notice or even AN ENDING!!!! Especially for critically acclaimed but commercially unpopular series. Advertisers don’t pick it up here. They pick up those stupid telenovelas with star who can’t act, sing or dance but has a beautiful face. That’s what u get for having a president who’s an elvis look a like 🙂

  75. I have all 110 episodes home-taped on VHS by me but almost all have commercials. So I would take out a second mortgage on my house for a complete DVD set. It amazes me what shows have already been reproduced on DVD yet NX remains on the shelf. I am encouraged that Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman is being released through A&E … would they do the same with NX.

    And while we’re being greedy here, how about the two seasons of I’ll Fly Away by the same production team?

  76. Before finding this message thread, I thought I was the only person who cherished NX. Whenever I need an emotional jolt, I plug in one of my few official NX videos. It make me “feel good” to watch these shows over and over again. To think I could one day have all the episodes is just too much for me to get excited about!

    Remember these words from the Rabbi? What episode was it?

    “Open on to us the gates of mercy Oh God.
    Before the closing of the gates.
    Ere the day is done.
    The day vanishes, the sun is setting.
    Let us enter thy gates.
    May the Lord bless you,
    Going out and your coming in.
    From this time forth, and forever.

  77. Anyone hear of a release date yet? I’m ready to buy the dvd set when it comes out. It sure was a great series. Wish it was still on TV.

    I did a drawing in memory of Peg Phillips (Ruth Anne), if you want to see it go to my website and look for the drawing titled, “Celebration”. I sent a copy to her family as a gift after they requested one.

  78. Any idea what the release date on NX on DVD is? And has hallmark Channel released the right to it yet? I’m really looking forward to seeing the series on DVD, and any news would be helpful.

  79. I tried to capture my VHS Northern Exposure copies as .mpgs on the computer. Then I was going to burn them on DVD’s. Unfortunately, the recording sound quality was awful! I guess I have TO WAIT FOR THE DVD’S TO COME OUT!!!!! (hint, hint) I would pay any amount of money to have every episode of this series on DVD! Someone, anyone, be a good capitalist, take my money, and make everyone who replied to this site very happy!

  80. Northern Exposure: Complete Series 1: Hmv Exclusive
    Tv Comedy – Release date: 21-5-2001 / UNIVERSAL

    The classic series from the early nineties gets a welcome re-release on video in this box set that contains the entire first series. Joel Fleishman… more

    DVD £14.99 (Was24.99 Your saving £10.00)

  81. Still no news huh? WHEN IS THIS GOING TO BE RELEEEEEEAAAAASED!!!!! Hallmark, can you just show it on Philippine cable already? It’s unfair that US got a whiff of all the NX good stuff on TV. But not in Manila. sheesh!

  82. I e-mailed Universal yesterday with this comment and plea {I begged and promised we would all buy them at any cost]–“Green Acres is on dvd, please tell me when Northern Exposure will be released on dvd.” No response yet. If I hear from them, I will let you all know.

  83. DVDs of Northern Exposure are now available. I have excellent copies (recorded directly with digital equipment) of the original versions as broadcast in the 1990s, now availavle without commercials, all 110 episodes. They come on high quality DVDs, 5 episodes per disc, 22 discs in all, with an illustrated Menu, for an average of less that $3 (US) per episode, or $299 (US) for the entire collection, (including postage anywhere in North America, or slightly more for deliveries overseas),

  84. Well, I heard back from Universal about a release dat for NX. I quote,”we currently have no release date for this title. However, you can refer to our website for future releases.” The site is

  85. Universal e-mailed me back and said they have no release date for Northern Exposure. Also said to keep checking their website @ homevideo.universal #@&*##/#%@ , or should I say SHOOT!

  86. Hello,

    I also wrote an email to Universal (as KMP, above) and got the exact same response. I just wrote them back basically asking them why they are refusing an opportunity to capitalize on a legitimate studio release when there’s such an obvious demand (as evidenced by all the bootlegged copies being bought and sold on the Internet, sites like these BEGGING them to release it, etc.)

    I’ll let you know if I get a response. In the meantime, keep on bugging them! Let’s hope the squeaky wheel gets some “justice!”

  87. Oh…

    I also emailed Hallmark and asked about whether or not they are planning to air the show again and if not, would they be willing to sell the rights to someone else. All I got back was something like “I don’t know what the plans for this show is, so I can’t answer your question.”

    That’s sure a lot of help.

  88. Hey Ted K, thanks. I was seriously considering buying at least one dvd from Art. I guess when you’re desperate as we are, you’ll do almost anything to get a fix for Northern Exposure.

  89. There is a guy selling the whole Northern Exposure collection at

    I got a sample from him and bought the rest. They are great. Very professional indeed. They have a nice menu of Northern Exposure with background music to boot!

    just to let you all know…


  90. Just in case some of you don’t know it, Barry Corbin has a great web site. Lots of audio and video. It’s at I e-mailed him and asked him to get the ball rolling on a Northern Exposure movie. They’re making movies out of everything else that’s ever been on TV, why not the best show that’s ever been on? I’m serious, I think it would awesome! Same writers, same actors. Joel could came back to Cicily to just see everybody. Ruth Ann could have willed the store to Ed….take it from there.

  91. Well, heard yesterday that “Gilligan’s Island” is being released on DVD. But still no word on Northern Exposure. What in the world is going on here people?

  92. For what its worth, I read this post on and thought I’d pass it along to you all. here it is C&P’d:

    Around November of last year I read an article from the Hollywood Reporter that said Universal Home Video has created a Region 1 Box set of “Norther Exposure – The Complete First & Second Season.” But clearing all the music rights has kept it off the shelves, and the studio still has alot of red-tape to go through, but are hopeful the show will be out by xmas 04′. The article I read gave this information as well: It will be a 5-disc set, the MSRP will be $59.99, the special features that were mentioned included 6 key-episode commentary tracks, over an hour of deleted/alternate scenes, and a featurette on the creation of the show.

  93. HAAAAH!!!!! Hopeful Christmas 2004? I can’t wait that long. Good thing Ted K advised about I was really ready to buy just like KPruett, just to get a fix.

    But wait a minute, we’re not fanatics are we? we just love the show. I hope those studios don’t think we’re just a bunch of fanatics. I mean, we could all live without NX right? It would just be a better if we HAD NX. Those studios doesn’t need more of our money anyway.

    Or is this a plea of frustration and insanity on my part? 🙂

    for me, the series more than just good writing, music, cinematography, direction. Its just a feel good series that you’d like to have.

    My best explanation of why I want this would be: Sometimes you’d like to hear the pop and cracks of an old vinyl record playing the music you heard during your youth, kind of takes you back to those lazy afternoons with rustling leaves, when you were younger, when you first met your wife, when you were sitting out back feeling the summer breeze or when you just want to relax.

    But hey, reality check. I have to go back to work and think of NX next time, huh?

    Thanks for the heads up everyone.

  94. Here is more of the run around about NX on Tv.

    Thank you for your recent contact with Hallmark Channel.

    I have forwarded your comments to programming for their consideration.

    We appreciate your interest in “Northern Exposure” and we thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts.

  95. I recorded the entire series onto VHS when A&E was airing the show, but with the commercials, cable signal disruptions, and tape degradation, my “bootlegs” are not that great.

    With all the inane television shows being released onto DVD, it is surprising, as well as extremely frustrating, that Northern Exposure is not available.

    I would happily plunk down several hundred dollars to have all 110 episodes on DVD.

    One can continue to hope, I guess.

  96. Let go, man.
    Give up.

    Put your face in the here and now.

    Whether this works out, or it doesn’t–I’m a free man.

    -I’m with you.

  97. I don’t like getting personal but it looks like there is a snake-in-the-grass called Ted K. doing “dirty tricks” to get business to come his way by telling lies about an alternative product, ie NX on DVDs.

    Ted K appears to be Randy Marx, and anyone who takes his advice about DVDs from is being mislead. I have had rave reviews from people who have sampled my discs, because I have been in the fortunate position of being able to use a digital recorder to digitally record original versions of NX (ie. as originally aired in the 90’s). I put 5 episodes on a disc (without commercials) and sell the for an average of less than $2.75 per episode (including delivery by mail to your door). I can only do this because I have the equipment and live in Canada where NX is still being broadcast 3 times a day in it’s original version. My early discs did not have a menu and were all on 1 track but now I have a special program that allows me to put an illustrated Menu/Index on each disc and also maintain the excellent colouration of the original master discs. Each disc comes with an illustrated label of the familiar Roslyn billboard/sign and in a Jewel case with an index and a picture of one of the NX cast. Each Jewel case also has a brief history of Northern Exposure, it’s cast, and the awards NX has won. This is a labour of love and I deeply resent the American type of dirty politicing being waged by Mr Marx, representing himself as Ted K, and being critical of a product I have never sent him.

    If anyone would like to sample my product they are welcome to try it out for themselves. I would the encourage them to then report back to this group, whatever their findings are.

    The nasty salacious notice, allegedly given by Ted K. that I refer to is followed later by the notice given below.

    art Pattison
    (and unlike Ted K., I am not afraid to include my full name and e-mail address).


    Ted K. [6:25 PM January 28, 2004]
    There is a guy selling the whole Northern Exposure collection at


  98. I have purchased Northern Exposure dvds From Art and they were Great . They play and look Great the Dvd
    layout is also Great

  99. Season one is here (well almost). It is indeed coming out on May 25 by Universal Studios. Although I couldn’t pre-order from their site $59.00 ($20 less than retail price if you order now). Amazon doesn’t have it yet as well.

  100. I don’t want to sound ungrateful, but where is the rest of the series. Year one is out in VHS at least, it’s the rest of the series that we need ASAP!

  101. Yep, just got the email from Amazon about the pre-order ($41.99 for season 1) Yippee!!!

    I know we all want the whole series, but hopefully if sales are good (which I think they will be) they will continue to release the other seasons.


    Greetings from!

    You’ve previously signed up to be notified when “Northern Exposure – The
    Complete First Season” (DVD) became available, and we’re happy to inform
    you that it is now available to pre-order!

    If you would like to pre-order this item now, just follow the link below:

    Once you’ve placed your order, we will ship this item to you as soon
    as it is released (your credit card will not be charged until this
    item is ready for shipping).

    If you do not want to purchase this item, there is no need to reply to
    this message.

    If you have any questions, please write to us at
    We hope to see you again soon at!

    Your Friends at

  103. I have pre-ordered my first season of NX from amazon as well!
    If everyone that is on this site runs out and preorders the first season, that may tell them we want the rest of NX too. And, maybe they will get it out ASAP!

  104. I just did the pre-order through amazon, and I’m giving Art Pattison a shot and ordering the last episodes through him.

  105. I pre-ordered through Amazon and it will be shipped on May 29th and I should receive it between June 2-4……I’m as excited as a small child, a very happy, even giddy, small child who is finally gettin’ what he wants. Lets order those DVD’s people and get the next seasons in production.

  106. It’s about time. It is hard to believe that NE has not been available on DVD long before many other shows and series. I have taped every episode twice, and have worn out both sets. NE is a way of life for me. There has not been a seires this good since MASH. I can only hope that more then one season will be available. NE on DVD! There is a God!

  107. Being a cynic businessman here, maybe the reason why they’re prolonging the release of NX DVDs is because they can pump up the prices even more. Supply and Demand. Small supply bigger demand, higher prices.

  108. Hi Everyone!

    I’m so excited to hear that May 25th is THE DAY! I looked around and if you want to save some time, here are some price quotes and sites to order from. These are all pre-orders.

    $41.99 (free shipping)
    $53.98 (free shipping)

    My beloved NX will be in my home once again! It’s always been in my heart…

    Thanks to all of you here on this site! You got me through the tough times just knowing I wasn’t the only NX junkie!! 🙂

  109. I ordered mine from Amazon. I couldn’t order from universal since I’m from Manila, Philippines. They don’t ship here.

  110. HI Fellow NX Fans, I just stumbled onto this site. I was wondering if anyone has any idea if the show is ever going to be in reruns on TV.

  111. Hi everyone.

    I’ve been checking out this and a couple of other sites regarding NX on DVD. As frustrating as it was not to have the show on DVD, it was always comforting to see so many other folks interested.

    Like you, I’m delighted that May 25 is finally the day.

    Now…and please remember that I have no affiliation whatsoever with Universal or anyone else who will make money off this…I beg all of you to BUY IT!!!! Get your pre-order in right away!!!

    It’s great to have Season 1, but the only way we’ll ever get seasons 2-6 is if the sales are strong. It’ll break my heart if I never get that last episode with “Our Town” playing on DVD. So PLEASE…I’m begging all of you now as hard as I begged Universal for the last 5 years…get out the credit card and buy the discs. Let’s support this thing!

    Okay, off my soapbox. Again, great to see all the NX fans. Best wishes to everyone.

  112. Greg is right about us buying the DVD’s. They didn’t wait this long to put NX on DVD by accident. They didn’t think there were enough of us fans to make it profitable. We have to show them how wrong they are and make them not only willing, but anxious, to get the other seasons out. Let’s show them that we NX fanatics are loose with our money when it comes our beloved citizens of Cicily, Alaska. They’ll think that they’re smart and making big bucks, but we’ll know that we have let them play right into our hands.

    Joel – “That’s the movies Ed, try reality.”
    ED – “No thanks.”

    We get it people, that’s all that’s important. Now, let’s work together to get every epidode on DVD.

  113. Greg and KMP

    I agree and am doing my share to try to boost sales of the first season…I pre-ordered 2 dvds! I want them to know that we are serious about NX and we want them ALL! 🙂

  114. Hi Guys,

    I just bought a copy of season 1 from my local super market here in Australia for $28.95(AU). It’s regions 2 & 4 compatable and appears to be a bargain compared to the upcoming release that will cost $54.30(AU)

  115. I guess I was right all along about the those studios. It’s all about making money. But hey! That’s why we go into business. to make money.

    BUT THIS IS TOO MUCH. US$42 FOR 8 EPISODES?!!!!! And I’m from Manila. That’s 2 days wage for me. For minimum wage earners, that’s 10 days worth of wages!!! Not including shipping!

    I was right! They’re just waiting for a bigger demand to pump up prices. And pump it up they did!

    Nevertheless, I still bought from amazon. I’m a sucker for all NX. And I’m still going to buy the next episodes.


  117. I have had the UK release of season one for quite some time and have been patiently holding out for the following episodes. I hope the US release is better than the UK’s – a poor transfer doesn’t exactly ruin my viewing pleasure – but a little cleaning up would have gone a long way in my book..

  118. >”Albert [12:29 PM February 17, 2004]
    >I have purchased Northern Exposure dvds From Art and >they were Great . They play and look Great the Dvd
    >layout is also Great ”

    You mean you didn’t have to buy a different dvd player to play the very low quality, 5 to a disc, overpriced, crap dvd’s (or should I say vcd’s) from Art Pattison? Pixelation is horrible, and sound is non-existant. And, trying to make $$$ off ‘stranded’ NX fans, from selling terds packaged in cd cases.

    Also, I have nothing to do with the person from which I bought a NX dvd collection from, except that this person made very good copies for me to watch, that were actually dvd quality (Great). I merely wanted to pass along the info to others.

    >”art Pattison
    >(and unlike Ted K., I am not afraid to include my >full name and e-mail address).”

    Actually, i dont think this person is selling them anymore, since they are being commercially produced. And should not, Ethically!

  119. Like many of you I too have been searching for years for all 110 episodes. Great they are releasing the 1st season…whooopee! What about the others? You’ll be lucky to ever see them released. Lets be honest, many of us believe that this is the greatest television show ever I assume. And yes I know there are petitions out ther and Ive signed every one. However, it simply doesn’t have the following of a Gilligans Island or a Jackass or even South Park. NX couldn’t even cut it on A&E or the Hallmark Channel. If it could I think it would still be playing…dont you?

    Dont misunderstand me, I’m with you. Northern Exposure makes me feel good. It reminds me of all the years I spent in those small ski towns and hitch hiking to Alaska over a college summer break to spend the summer on the Emerald Kodiak Island. Now a part of the corporate world, this show reminds me that success is relative, its all in the eye of the beholder. Then come the mortgage, car and other bills and it brings me back down to earth. But for that short time that I have to enjoy in NX I am set free.

    This is not a sales pitch for Art Pattison, but I have bought one DVD and now Im buying the rest. Sure its not the quality of a mass produced blockbuster DVD, but its pretty darn good, a hell of a lot better than VHS and most important its NX in your home again, at your disposal. He even sent me a DVD with no payment and his word that if I didnt like it I could send it back no quesitons asked. He didnt even receive my payment until 2 weeks alter and he was happy to know that I was pleased.

    If you ask me this Ted K or whatever is like the Minnifield of this site. Just causing trouble for his own benefit? Who knows, but Art is the real deal. Sure hes making a bit of $ off this but that isnt my concern and by the way when was it deemed wrong to turn a profit here and there. He also spent thoousands in digital recording equipment to bring this to us. If you need a new DVD player as Ted says it probably means its time for a new one anyhow. The only reason it wouldn’t play is if your DVD is outdated and doesnt play rewritable disks. And all this from a pleased customer, give him a try and see what you think. If you think this is some sales pitch than I feel sorry for you because you are paranoid. I dont wish to reply to hundreds of emails, but Ill try to get back if you have any questions about what Ted referred to as “shoddy dealings”. Ive experienced nothing but the opposite.

    Thank you ART!

  120. Sounds like Art is now disguising himself to get more $$$ off crap dvd’s. How would someone else (a.k.a. Kevin) know that he spent ‘thousands’ on recording equipment. If so, don’t you think they should be a bit better quality? Well, ‘Kevin’ it is all sounding a bit fishy to me?

    Just wait for the commercial releases everyone. And, buy season 1, that way they will know we love NX and know we want the rest!


  121. interesting that I would leave my REAL NAME and email address on the site “minnifield”. I told you in the message to feel free and email me if you had any questions. If I were Art then I’d give him an A+ for imagination or maybe I’d be a bit scared that he knew my life so well. Not to mention the name chioce, how many Scorsone’s do you know? Ted you have done nothing more than support the theory that you are the Minnifield of the site, oh and thanks for using my idea and donning the Minnifield name, its fitting. As for the ‘thousands’ remark, I have no clue what he may have paid for the equipment because I wouldn’t make the invesment to begin with. But you can imagine it isnt cheap. Sure wait for the seasons to come out if you can wait, I cant. Im just letting you know that they are available.

  122. I feel that I should make a few comments here to set the record straight, and then I will say no more.

    First of all it is interesting that Ted K. is afraid to identify himself, and even uses my e-mail address to disquise his identity and confuse people (see his post on January 27th, above).

    Ted’s post however does contain one half-truth. At one point in time I was suggesting that if people had (or would buy) a certain brand of DVD player, a Panasonic,(which is unique in being able to play DVD-R, DVD+R, and DVD Ram discs), then I would offer them a $100 discount off my sets. (I had been given some bad advice and used DVD+R discs which not all players could handle. It turns out Sony players could also play them.) In any case, I could not be sure everyone could play the DVD+R discs that I had made, so I offered them at a substantial discount to anyone who COULD play them.

    No one has ever complained about the quality of my discs (exactly the opposite is true, such as Albert T. on February 17th, and Kevin on March 15, above) except for Ted K, who has not seen them. It appears that he is putting my discs down in order to steer people to his own discs (or the discs of his friend, “Randy_Marx”. You may see his pitch above at January 28th). In fact, I suspect Ted K is Randy Marx, but is too ashamed to admit it, – but that’s his business.

    For the record, Kevin’s guess that I have spent well over $2000 dollars is correct. What is also true is that when bought as a set, the episodes I offer cost less that $2.75 each, including free delivery. Further, once episodes of NX are available on DVDs commercially, there will no longer be a need for me to offer the episodes any longer, so I will withdraw my offer and get on with my life.

    The bottom line is that I am only offering a service which I have heard many people asking for, (ie. all seasons of the original version of NX on DVDs, without commercials). Because I live in Canada where the original version is still being aired daily on a digital station, I was in a position to fill that need. As a rsult, I bought some digital recording equipment to help those people who were interested. As you would expect, the results are, to say the least, very satisfying, because there are no conversions from digital to analog and analog to digital ( – which happens when old VHS tapes are used as masters to produce DVDs, something I suspect Ted/Randy Marx is doing).

    Finally, I encourage people to buy the new commercially produced DVDs (to be released this coming May 25th), as a way to get Universal Studios to release more episodes, and eventually restart our beloved series with a 7th Season, or at least a 10 year Anniversary Reunion show.


  123. hello, hello…hoping you’re still out there. just found you this morning, how i missed you before while doing NE searches i knowest not, but it was sure pure folly. you’re quite good to have with morning coffee actually.
    i recorded almost every NE ending with chris talking and it got taped over! like losing the holy grail…i do hope they tarred and feathered the person who came up with the format change that did away with chris ending each show…it seemed to go downhill after that.
    i would have a bake sale, and even sell my brother’s cattle, to own the episodes.
    i have a friend who sounds like, and thinks like, chris, and who is also Chris…a musician, he had the opportunity to buy the chair that chris sat in via a contact of a contact, but for whatever reason didn’t…now chewing his foot off for not doing so.
    xxxooo CHRIS-tine

  124. PS: If anyone is interested, I have now found a way to offer an Economy set of high quality NX DVDs of the original version, (without commercials) for $249 (ie. without the usual coloured labels, and in a “spindle” rather than in 22 Jewel cases).


  125. You just now found a way, eh? An economy set of crap dvd’s in a spindle rather than goofy labels. Wow, I’ll stand in line for it, at a low price of $249!!!!

  126. Hello,

    DO NOT send money to a person in Poland who tells you:
    1. They have EXACTLY the TV series/soap you need on VHS/DVD.
    2. They are American, now living in Poland.
    3. They request the money via Western Union.
    4. After you wire them money, they say they did not receive it.
    5. After weeks have passed, they say your DVDs/tapes were returned “undeliverable” and ask for more money.

    Alias Names: Angie, Sebastian, Remik Rozgaa, Ryan Wright, Remigius Rozzga, Remik Roga, Remi Rozga, Mousse204 and Marcin Grabowski

    Address(s): ul.Dolna 9 Wiecbork, Poland and/or
    ul.Woronicza 17 00-950, Warsawa,Poland

    e-mails:, (Telenovelas Club), and and

    This person has taken a great deal of money from me and other individuals in the U.S. and Australia. Ask LOTs of questions before dealing with ANYONE. Due to my posts, other victims are contacting me – so this person is still scamming (as of 4/09/04).

    Good Luck,

  127. Loetta,

    That story (above) is truly scandalous. Thanx for the warning. To compensate, to a small extent, I would be happy to send you a free disc (of 5 of the original version episodes, without commercials) for you to examine if you would still like to get NX on DVDs.

    As a sign of good faith, because I find most Cicelians very trustworthy (except for Ted K., a.k.a. “Toby”), if you should decide to order any discs later, I mail them out as soon as I get the order, without bothering to wait until I get your money.

    Kevin Scorsone’s experience (as desribed above on March 15 and 16/04) is typical of those who have seen my discs. See also the testimony of Albert Tughard on Feruary 17/04. Both have had the courage to include their e-mail address if you would like to contact them privately, -something Ted K. (alias “Toby” does not do). art

  128. Loetta,

    You will get some sort of discs from art. However, they are worse quality than vcr tapes. That is the truth. The picture quality is horrible and the audio is very low.

    There are many people that wish they have never been taken by vultures such as Art and Angie, Sebastian, Remik Rozgaa, Ryan Wright, Remigius Rozzga, Remik Roga, Remi Rozga, Mousse204 and Marcin Grabowski!

    Just wait and I’m sure that ALL the episodes will be released commercially! As a fellow NX fan, I feel that I should warn you against this guy and others out there!

  129. Loretta,

    I have found most NX fans to be very honourable and trustworthy, -that is nti I came to this web site and “met” Ted K, (alias Toby, etc who by no accident refuse to leave an address or full name). Not only are there 2 people on this site who have bought my discs have given very positive reports, but I have had no bad reports from people who have truly bought them and who identify themselves, (for I always replace discs that are not satisfactory).

    In your case, Loretta, I will be happy to send you a complimentary disc (ie. free) if you agree to respond with an honest appraisal of the disc to this group. Anyone who sells discs as bad as “Toby” claims would certainly not make an offer like this!!


  130. Distributing/selling taped from tv versions of television shows is illegal – it’s a clear copyright violation. If you like the show, push to get it released on DVD, don’t buy cheap bootlegs.

  131. Matt, you pose an interesting statement. I agree that it is clearly a copyright violation. However, if someone has put time into taping the series, and it isn’t released, and people want it, then what?
    Ethically, I dont think Art should be selling his tapes either. However, if you knew where this guy lives (75 Downsview Crescent, Nepean, ON K2G0A4
    (613) 224 – 6911 ), then maybe someone should report him.
    I have seen what he sells and it is a bit of a ripoff(bad quality). Another ethical dilemma altogether.

    These people that sell tapes of the show are making money at the actors expense. I guess they really dont show any appreciation for the series, if they don’t care about ripping off the actors who worked hard at making it in the first place.

    Well, I’ll let it be at that. Hopefully they will commercially release the series on dvd and ART will be put out of making an illegal $. And, most imprtantly, the actors of NX will receive some sort of royalty from the sales!!!!

  132. On a lighter note,
    I just got the (legal) dvds and think that they’re great.
    I especially like the deleted scene of Chris talking about that
    Robert Bly story.

    Worth the 40 bucks.

  133. Well there is not doubt about it! The newly released episodes are
    certainly worth the money regardless of how much one pays for them
    (eg. $53 CDN, including taxes).

    I am really impressed with the brighter colours and the clarity of the
    sound! . . . as well as the many deleted scenes that add the extra details that we all have subconscioutsly imagined in the various story lines. The orange coloured “parka” packaging with the Moose pull-chain is rather “cute” and quit appropriate. They have certainly put a lot of thought into this new release ! I sure hope this project in continued and acts as a stimulus for Universal to continue the Series (if enough of us buy the new release).

    Too bad there isn’t an inserted Menu to help explain the odd arrangement of the episodes and the “extra features” on the double-sides discs.


  134. The packaging on this set is very well done (from what I could see on the outside). I saw the set at WalMart and it really jumps out at you.

  135. Well, just for kicks, I checked the amazon webpage. It lists it as #37 in the dvd sales rank. Not bad!!! The reason I checked is because… I want to know if/when they will release the rest of the seasons.

    I mean… come on! While the actual material (the show) of the first season is utterly excelent, the presentation (meaning, the box & discs themselves) is very, very poor. Yet, it’s #37 in the sales rank. That HAS to account for something!

    So, hopefully, the next seasons will be released *SOON*. No need to wait for too long. I don’t know how many people have already purchased their season#1 sets, but it must be in the thousands or tens of thousands range. So many unconditionals! So, on top of that, if the presentation gets improved for the rest of the seasons, it will capture the newbie market (me, one of them before S1’s release) in a snap.

    Money talks, Mr.Universal Studios. I bet you would love to hear that song fivefolds!

  136. My favourite show of all time. Recently bought the first season DVD set.
    Are seasons #2 (and more) going to hit the shelves? Please, God, let it be so!

  137. I JUST GOT MY SEASON 1 here in Manila!!! the parka was a nice touch. just listening to the intro music takes me back. very comfortable watch indeed. I just love this series.

    Now the BAD part, there are not much extras. not even a commentary. if you want to squeeze the best out of this product, the parka is it. when it comes to features, it’s utterly boring. it’s as if, some guy slapped together the episodes just to make a buck.


  138. I saw the season 1 DVD set in the store and it instantly brought back old memories. Years ago I taped the show- I have just about every episode. The tapes have been up in the attic all these years so I brought them down and started watching. I am now in season three and have loved every minute of it. Hopefully, the rest of the season’s of this wonderful show will be released in the next couple of years on DVD.

  139. NX is coming back to Hallmark!!!! Starting June 28th!!!

    All I can say is that it appears the reason behind getting Northern Exposure out on DVD, and back on TV, is due to this site and the fans who have petitioned.


  140. The mystery has been solved!! The mysterious Ted K. is really Randy Marx!! It is he who has been too “shy” to leave his email address in recent posts to this site when critizing my DVDs of NX (which are of superb quality because I have bought expensive digital recording equipment so that I could digitally record NX onto DVDs directly from a digital source, – not from old VHS tapes as SOME are doing). This become obvious to me when I saw some posts he previously sent to this site (above) on January 27, and 28, 2004. They read as follows:


    Ted K. [8:34 PM January 27, 2004]
    Word of CAUTION!!!!
    Do not buy anything from a.k.a Art. The dvds are of a horrible quality. Then makes you buy a dvd player to play them.

    Very shoddy dealings!

    Ted K. [6:25 PM January 28, 2004]
    There is a guy selling the whole Northern Exposure collection at


    Ted K. [6:25 PM January 28, 2004]
    There is a guy selling the whole Northern Exposure
    collection at
    I got a sample from him and bought the rest.
    They are great. Very professional indeed. They
    have a nice menu of Northern Exposure with
    background music to boot!

    just to let you all know…



    ted k. [6:46 PM March 14, 2004]
    >”Albert [12:29 PM February 17, 2004]
    >I have purchased Northern Exposure dvds From
    >Art and they were Great. They play and look
    >Great the Dvd >layout is also Great ”

    You mean you didn’t have to buy a different dvd player to play the very low quality, 5 to a disc, overpriced, crap dvd’s (or should I say vcd’s) from Art Pattison? Pixelation is horrible, and sound is non-existant. And, trying to make $$$ off ‘stranded’ NX fans, from selling terds packaged in cd cases.



    Now the truth is that I have never sold any diss to Ted K. (alias, Randy Marx) and it is rather obvious that Ted is not only unscrupulous but lacking in mental accuity, writing a “warning” about a competing product, and at the same time pretending to have bought a better product (which is obviously from himself, according to his own posting!!) and recommending it whole-heartedly to others instead of mine.

    This method of advertizing by making liabelous statements about my DVDs of NX, in order to promote his own inferior product gives us an indication of his character and the quality of his discs. To start with, his discs must have been made from old VHS tapes (and thus involving a digital (by the station) to analog to digital conversions, with a great loss in clarity. Northern Exposure has never been broadcast digitally in their original uncut format in the USA. My discs have been made in Canada where NX continues to be broadcast 3 times a day, digitally, and in their original uncut format. I am able to record them digitally and also remove the commercials, in order to share this wonderful series to stranded fans for less than $2.75 per episode.

    Although I do not sell episodes which have been released commercially, I am still willing to share unreleased episodes, since I am sceptical the rest of the series will ever be released commercially, (though I could very well be wrong, – time will tell!). I encourage people to buy all the commercially released DVDs of NX since that may encourage Universal to start up the series again, or at leasr have a Reunion show!

    Finally, at least 2 contributors to this web site HAVE bought discs from me and heartily recommend them to others. (see posts by Albert Tughard on Feb, 17 and by Kevin Scorsone on March 15, and 16 above). There have been no comments critical of my discs anywhere, except of course from Ted K (alias Randy Marx, alias Hayden Keyes?), a person who has never seen my discs and is critical of them in order to promote his own inferior product.

    These practices of Ted K/Randy Marx are very unCicelian !!


  141. If anybody is willing to sell or borrow me some episodes of NX that you have taped I would pay you for your efforts. I have the first season now on dvd and I want episodes from seasons 2 or 3. I especially want the episode where Maurice has the party at his house for KBHR’s anniversary. I think it is called “the big feast”. Please please please let me know if you can sell or loan any episodes to me. Thank you!

  142. Northern Exposure fans cheer! The Hallmark channel will start playing Northern Exposure At 1am EST 12am CDT. So cheer fans!

  143. Unfortunately, I understand that Hallmark is not airing the episodes in their usual order, and will doubtless be editing them down to 42 or 43 minutes in length (unless their policy has changed), compared to the original lengths (as shown in Canada, of 46 to 47 minutes in duration, – after the commercials have been removed).

  144. Well Northern Exposure Season 2, November 2nd!! Looks like it might be double sided as well. No word yet on “extras”.

  145. You are correct Kariem! I just verified through Amazon! Now, I hope Art will quit selling his illegal/crappy quality VCD (not DVD) northern exposure bootleg discs! He did say that he would quit selling them if they ever released them commercially, although he was sure they never would.

  146. Ted K. (aka Randy Marx)

    Give it up! You are obviously putting down my DVDs of NX (even though you have never seen them)in order to flog your own version of bootleg discs.

    Have you no integrity? Until they were released commercially I sold the 8 episodes of Season 1 for $15, (though I do not sell them now that they have been released commercially). In the same way, until Season 2 is released in November, I can sell Season 2 for $15, or all of Seasons 2 -> 6 for $199. The reason my discs are so good is that they are digitally recorded DVDs of the original version, (as aired in the 1990’s and now still aired in Canada) without any of the deletions made by A&E or Hallmark (except for the commercials). Drop me a line and I can give you plenty of references from people who HAVE seen the discs (unlike Ted K/Randy Marx, who is such a coward, that he will not include his address with his trash talk). art

  147. Thank you for your recent contact with Hallmark Channel.
    “Northern Exposure” is currently scheduled to return to our line up Monday 1/03/05. The actual time has not (yet) been decided. Thank you for your interest and for taking the time to share your

  148. Is there any official word as to whether season 3 will be released on dvd? The fact that there are so many more episodes would certainly increase the price, but it would seem a travesty to stop just when the show REALLY starts to get interesting. I would buy it in a second, even if they charge in the 100 dollar range.

  149. The latest word on commercial releases by Universal is that since they did such a poor job on Season 2, by substituting much of the music which needed (expensive?) copyright approval by the artists with elevator muzak, many fans are complaining to Universal about what they call “fraud” (since the music is such an integral part of the story lines). As a result, Universal may not issue any more releases of our beloved Northern Exposure. Too bad! We would all lose if this happened!


  150. Art, care to give a link to where Universal states there will be no third season on DVD? I can’t seem to find any word of that any where.

  151. It is an interesting read from the top to the bottom of the page here. I only bought Season 1 on NX in Australia as it was very cheap, like less than US$20, no special features though. I got really hooked and was so keen to get season 2, so i ordered it from Canada. Something was vaguely dissapointing about it and then I realised it was the annoying music which quite often simply fails to synch with the scenes in a convincing manner. Now it is hard to enjoy watching it once you realise what has been done. I don’t know how much of this was done to Season 1, but a lot less I imagine.

  152. The wording in my last posting was soewhat ambiguous. Sorry about that!Let me say it differently.

    “The latest speculation amoung NX fans (about Universal’s latest release of the Second Season of Northern Exposure), is that with so many fans complaining about the substitution of elevator music for the original music, it is feared that Universal may be discouraged from releasing any more episodes on DVDs. This would be a great loss to all fans of the show. It is assumed that somehow there is a problem obtaining the “publishing” rights for original (ie. the same) music in the new DVD releases. ”

    Sorry for the confusion. art

  153. Waiting in Sonoma for complete release of ALL Northern Exposures series. Indeed, a truly great work of art, something i feel worthy of my children watching. Can someone let me know when? liz

  154. Season 3 is slated to be released on May 10th! 23 episodes, finally a full season and it looks like the price will be $59.98(US).

  155. Here is some correspondance I thought I could share with fellow Cicelians. art


    Hello Art,

    Universal always strives to bring the consumer the best possible product. Music replacement is becoming more and more common on TV DVD releases. There are numerous reasons for music replacement which are complex and confidential, however going forward, packaging will include a disclaimer on the back indicating that “Music may differ from the televised version”, which will make the buyer aware of the changes before purchasing. Unfortunately at this time we are unaware if the music in Season 3 will be replaced.

    Thank you once again Art for you continued interest and on behalf of Universal Home Video we apologize for your inconvenience, and we hope you continue to enjoy Universal Home Video product.

    Best Regards,
    Kerry-Ann Holtom
    Universal Studios/Alliance Atlantis Video
    Customer Service Co-Ordinator


    It goes without saying that I am still able to offer DVDs of the
    orignal version of Season 2, as well as Seasons 3 to 6 (as digitally
    recorded, without commercials) from my digital source in Canada, at
    less that $2 per episode. art

  156. Art you seriously need to stop offering your episodes for sale. Some out there may be tempted. Some may justify that Universal Studios won’t be effect by your profits. It’s illegal and morally wrong, period.

  157. No, actually Art probably won’t learn any lesson in the end. He hasn’t learned any lesson thus far. Most illegal filesharers won’t learn a lesson. I’ve used to believe that what goes around comes around, but I don’t really believe that any more. No one seems to be getting their just desserts.

    Yes, I’m bitter, but I seem to be a lone wolf when it comes to speaking out against illegal copying.

  158. Thank you for your recent contact with Hallmark Channel.
    Fortunately, the series will be returning to our line up on
    Monday 6/27…

  159. As some of you will have noticed, as of June, 2005, Hallmark has now completely stopped airing our beloved “Northern Exposure”. And as most of you know, as a service to loyal fans, I can offer high quality episodes of NX for less than $2 per episode, recorded digitally from a digital source in Canada. However. I will not be offering episodes which have been released commercially. This will include Season 3 after June 14, – though I could be persuaded to keep offering Season 2, since I can offer it with the original music, (unlike the commercially released version with its elevator music).


  160. ——————————————-
    what happened to the fourth season (region 1)? Is it coming out on DVD? Per the previous years, it should be coming out around November, which means that it should have been advertised/put-for-preorder already?
    Anybody knows what’s going on?

  161. No word yet, but I wouldn’t be worried. The trend has been that the release will be announced about 4 months before it hits the streets. The seasons were released on the following dates:
    1 – 5/25/04
    2 – 11/30/04
    3 – 6/14/05

    It would be nice if we see season 4 by the end of the year (which we still may), but I wouldn’t be surprised if we don’t see it till the Spring.

  162. Kariem,
    thanks 🙂 your words are comforting 🙂 🙂 and yeah, I barely remember those dates, so I figured we should have news already.
    Oh well, patience, patience!

  163. Yeah I’m not going to let a year of waiting get me down. Mind you I wanted Season 4 right after Season 3 was released! The way I figure is we’ve waited this long for them to start releasing the show on DVD, a little more time isn’t going to be that bad.

  164. Still, if they’ve set a pattern of releasing every six or seven months, and announcing four months ahead, that means the next set should be in January at the latest, and we should be hearing about it very soon…I’ll give it till the end of October before I get worried.

  165. I’m sure Northern Exposure isn’t the only tv to dvd collection we’ve purchased. We all know that there isn’t a hardened release schedule. Yes it’s very frustrating, but, unfortunately, that’s the way this works. Don’t get me wrong, I’m chomping at the bit for Season 4! Think of it this way, if we start the series over again, starting with one episode per weeks, I’m sure we’ll hear something by the time we get to the end of the third season. 38 episodes at 1 per week….that’ll put us around the 4th of July. Ok, if I don’t hear anything by then, I’ll be worried. 🙂

  166. And we finally have word on Season 4!!
    In stores March 28 (although it may change). Unfortunately it’s dual sided again, but it’ll have all 25 episodes!

  167. Great news! What’s wrong with double sided DVDs though? It’s a great benefit to people that rent TV DVDs…more episodes per disc. Maybe this will make up for The Prisoner spreading 16 episodes over 10 discs (that’s a full month’s allotment of rentals, thanks to Netflix’s throttling).

  168. There are a number of issues with double sided DVDs. The adhesive that holds the two sides of the DVDs together fail after a number of years. How long will that take, I don’t know. Another issue is the adhesive would harbor mold growth, which was an issue with Laser Discs. I don’t believe that’s much of a concern with DVDs. They’re also not nearly as durable as single sided DVDS. How often do we purchase a DVD and open it to find that the disc has been dislodged? Too often for my taste. There’s just double the surface area which can get scratched. If you store your DVDs in a binder type case (like CDs) instead of in the case that they came in, they get banged up more. There’s also been player compatibility issues with double sided DVDs. The disc won’t play, or will and skip around, or they won’t eject. Unfortunately this seems to be happening to a lot of the DVDs released from Universal. It doesn’t help that most, if not all, of their TV DVDs are released on double sided DVDs. And lastly, which effects myself greatly, if you have a multi-DVD jukebox player (100+ DVDs) you have to manually eject and flip the DVD in order to see the second side.
    I personally would rather have 6 single side DVDs instead of 3 double sided, but I do see the downfall when using a service like Netflix.
    This will make everyone laugh or at least shake their heads. Back in the day a lot of DVDs were two sides for the purpose of having two formats, one side for widescreen, and the other for full screen. I had never seen Goodfellas before, and I assumed that double sided DVD had a side for wide and a side for full. After watching the movie, I didn’t get why everyone thought it was so great. The story was disconnected and the movie was way too short. Turns out that the whole DVD was widescreen, but the movie was split between the two sides. Yeah, I felt pretty stupid.

  169. By popular demand, and since they are not forth coming commercially with original music, I am now offering any of the 6 Seasins of Northern Exposure for $45 (plus $10 for mailing), or Seasons 2 to 6 (inclusive) for $199 US$ (with Season 1 thrown in as a freebie if desired). Everyone who has ordered them (except Ted, – who hasn’t seen them) are VERY happy with the quality.

    NOTE: Ted’s version of the episodes are not up to scratch since they have been made from old (analog) tapes, instead of being recorded digitally, directly from a digital source.

    art (who is not afraid to include his address, unlike sleezy Ted)

  170. No more Art Pattison! You can’t sell illegal copies of Northern Exposure. It’s not fair to the creates, cast, crew, and the stuido. You did nothing to deserve to profit from the talented work of others. This goes for anyone else out there trying to illegaly profit from Northern Exposure. If others agree with me, please goto:
    Send them an email with the offends information. I’m sorry I waited so long to take action, but something needs to be done. Hopefully this will finally stop.

  171. I’m sure most of you know already, but if not, Season 4 contains a coupon for Season 5 (plus it includes the cover art). No release date, but good news none the less. Hopefully Season 5 will be out in less than a year!

  172. That coupon I mentioned earlier, has an expiration date of December 1, 2006. Does that mean we’ll see Season 5 by the end of the year? Maybe, hopefully.

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