Micropayments Revisted, Again

BitPass (currently in beta), appears to be a working Internet micropayment system. This could be really exciting. It seems to work like a prepaid calling card. You buy chunks (smallest is 3USD) of BitPass money, and your micropayments are deducted from that. Spending is anonymous, and the system even deals with access control to the content.

Micropayments seem like a great idea in theory. It will be interesting to see how this pans out. I know that I would pay 15 cents every day to read my morning webcomics and news. At the risk of hyping propaganda I don’t fully understand, I think micropayments are great and have the potential to stimulate the flow of original content on the Internet.


2 thoughts on “Micropayments Revisted, Again

  1. I am now set up to accept donations through BitPass on my Solostar Software site. The setup process wasn’t as smooth as I had hoped… it was somewhat confusing – but it is in beta stage. They assured me that they have a new version ot BitPass with more documentation that will soon be implemented.

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