The view from a Delta II Rocket

Regardless of your views on space exploration, the fact that we can send a rocket to Mars is amazing to the point of being difficult to fathom. This makes the video of Nasa’s recent launch of a Delta II rocket en route to Mars all the more striking. They streamed live video from a camera mounted to the rocket, pointing down towards earth. The video shows the entire launch, uninterrupted, including the jettison of the solid rocket boosters.

Watch the video in RealVideo format. MSNBC has a slightly lower-quality and abbreviated version in Windows Media format if you don’t want to install RealPlayer.


9 thoughts on “The view from a Delta II Rocket

  1. Stunning and beautiful. I wanna go too! The video gives a great sense of scale, i.e. how fast/how far.

  2. As much as I may sometimes dislike living in the Central Florida area, being so close to the Kennedy Space Centre is absolutely something I love. I try to catch most of the Shuttle and rocket launches, which from only requires stepping outside. From time to time I do enjoy making the 45 minute drive to the coast to watch the Shuttle launches up close. They are so spectacular, especially during night launches. And I am sure most of you are familiar with the twin sonic booms that rumble under the Shuttle when it comes in for a landing; they are louder than you may think! I am very eager to see the resumption of the Shuttle program and hope that NASA and crew can get their issues ironed out quickly and safely.

  3. The video looks like something from a movie. Amazing. It’s too bad they don’t show rocket launches on cable television anymore… I love watching this sort of thing.

  4. I agree that we take too much for granted some times. Earth looks so amazing from space. Despite all the planets wounds that we’re dealing with, it’s still a beautiful place. Space travel is also a mind blowing thing. I’m captivated with the concept. But I don’t see me taking of in a space shuttle being in my cards anytime soon.

  5. Amazing images. It’s hard to believe that beautiful planet we call earth is home to so many things.

  6. CK: (to himself) ….not…. able……………….view………………………………………………..quicktime… of….. lift vehicle…

    CK: Scotty, find me that link right away
    S: Rrrrrrdrrright away, Captain Kirk, I’ll have it in an hour…

    (at main helm; desperately fumbling with an odd-shapped console — 17″ + inches wide, made of titanium with a glowing apple on the side facing down stage and strange glowing pulsing emenances seem to wash his face and — giving an eery (sp?) look– it also illuminates his finger tips and knuckles)

    CK: You…. ah…have…… 30…. seconds Scotty! Uh, make ….. that….. ten… no three…, sorry you have……. [ffflit]

  7. Hallo

    On this ROCKETCAM site there are LOTS OF ROCKETCAM VIDEOS and you can see the mer-b 2nd stage seperation… My favorites are the 2 shuttle ONBOARD VIDEOS where you can follow the shuttle 12 min till after srb sepperation…..

    Greatings from Holland

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