Sharing Music on CBC

Just came from the CBC Radio offices here in Charlottetown where I recorded a quick piece with Matt Rainnie for a series on the local afternoon show, Mainstreet. He’s been bringing in people to share some of their favourite music. It seems I’m in good company as other geeks-with-taste who have done the show include Stephan McLeod and Peter Rukavina.

We chatted for a few minutes and Matt teed me up for a plug for my long-defunct-but-always-awsome high-school band, Horton’s Choice. Nice.

The piece will air tomorrow (Tuesday, May 6) after 4:30PM on CBC Radio PEI (96.1FM). I brought along Adam Again’s song Worldwide from their 1992 album, Dig: the two greatest musical minutes I’ve ever heard. Fine spring driving music.

Listen to a sample of Worldwide (realaudio). Since the song is only 2 minutes long, this 1 minute sample is pretty good.


3 thoughts on “Sharing Music on CBC

  1. Adam Again on CBC radio… Gene Eugene would be impressed… What a great album.. I seem to recall lending you my “Dig” tape many a year ago, and you sending it through your washing machine… I’ve been trying to find a copy on cd for years… Its out of print… The best i’ve been able to find is “Worldwide Favorites”, their ‘best of’…. I think “River On Fire” is my favorite track off that album… One of the saddest songs ever written..

  2. Yes, Dennis – I do remember putting your rare cassette through the wash. That was almost as bad as the time I borrowed Rob’s vintage Fender acoustic and had it stolen from me.

    As for sad songs, I Don’t Love You by The Lost Dogs (written by Micheal Roe) and Stone by Adam Again (from Perfecta).

    I can barely listen to these songs – they break my heart. Then again, I’m so sensitive that I can barely listen to Ben Folds.

  3. Have either of you guys listened to “Don’t Cry” since Gene left us? As soon as I heard the news I pulled it out…heavy stuff.

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