JetsGo Frustration

Canadians, especially those of us who live in Charlottetown, have been excited about JetsGo lately. It’s a new airline which will hopefully provide less expensive airfare intra-Canadian (and a few US) locations.

Their website, lets you shop around for flights by feeding it an origin, destination, and preferred departure time. This is great to. I like being able to get quotes right away and enjoy shopping around a bit.

But my frustration comes from a single part of the interface that could easily be fixed. If there is no flight available the day you picked it will say as much, then offer two buttons “One Day Before” and “One Day Further”. Now, with bigger cities, this works great, because there is always a flight coming in or out (apparently) on any given day. Toronto to Montreal for example has a few on each day. But try Charlottetown to anywhere. It’s a wasteland of emptiness! And you can only iterate through day by day. It takes forever!

It would be great if there were “Skip ahead to next flight” buttons. And I doubt it would be difficult to implement.


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  1. I understand and agree with you, however my initial reaction was that the current feature is a big improvement over other sites. Usually I don’t know the exact day I want to travel until I search and see the flight times. Once I see the times I usually want to switch a day ahead or back. It’s useful not to have to go back and search again.

  2. I also found myself scrolling day by day this past week after being told the date I selected was unavailable.

  3. It looks like you might be able to narrow your search down if you start by using their schedule page. It lets you know what days the flights go out on and what connections you’ll have to make.

  4. Hah, Emily and I noticed this too when I was meeting her at the Halifax airport before going back to my sister’s.

    We were all excited at the thought of a stretch limo with champagne and stuff and for only 2 dollars! Of course, it arrived, and it was just a nice big Lincon luxury car. It was nicer than a cab and smelled good worth 2$ in my book. Though, it was only like 10 dollars or something to take the nutty little shuttle to Halifax. I had one to myself on the way there.

  5. Its horrible!
    Why don’t they do it[like westjet for instance]wherein you can scroll down all the flights for the next or previous day or two flights with the prices. Its very frustrating to jump thru all the hoops and then find out the price isn’t really any better than elsewhere for the particular day[s] you want to travel
    I agree rewrite the whole booking system
    barry t

  6. Hi!!
    My name is Sergio Golod,from Argentina.In a short time i’m going to live in Charlottetown,and unfortunately i have to be agree with you.Since a long time ago i’m loking for the best way to fly to Charlottetown from Buenos Aires,and the best way i found was BS AS/NY-NEWARK/CHARLOTTETOWN,the last one with Jetsgo,of course,but for my sorprise,what they are offering in the page doesn’t exist,couse for the moment they don’t have that route,then to fly to Charlottetown I’ve to go first to Toronto or Montreal because the conections we’ve from Argentina,and of course there is not a direct fly between Argentina and Canada.No one company is doing this route in this momente,so imagine how easy is for my family and I make this trip.
    I think Prince Edward Island should be considered by Jetsgo as any other destination in Canda
    I thank you very much your atention,and have given to me the chance to say what i think.
    I hope see you soon in Charlottetown
    Sergio Golod

  7. Hi!

    I work for the ad agency responsible for Jetsgo’s web site. We and the Jetsgo people are very aware of the interface problem you are speaking of. Unfortunately, Jetsgo has bought its Web booking engine as a closed source software package, and it is not as easy as we would like to add the kind of functionnality that you speak about.

    On the other hand, Jetsgo saved a lot of money by buying instead of building everything, and this enables them to offer better prices for their guests. Thanks!

  8. Thanks for the insight Alexandre. Hopefully you can get the vendor to add this fix to their software. This kind of customer recognition and service is certainly refreshing. It’s hard to imagine a certain other airline responding on a weblog.

  9. I find this site a million times easier than e.g. Air Canada’s, where they advertise a sale price and then you have to try every possible permutation and combination to find it – like a needle in a haystack!

    I actually managed to find a really good price, and book a Jetsgo flight in 4 minutes flat. Just try to do that on some of the other airlines sites – 10 hours later….

  10. JetsGo is a crass, dispicable and incompitent airline with no interest beyond getting your money with no real desire to follow through on the service promised. They left us in the Halifax International Airport on Dec 29th at Gate 15 for 12 hours, delaying our flight to Toronto from the scheduled 6:45am departure time onward, only to cancel the flight at 4:30pm. They treated us with utter disrespect. Absolutely didn’t give shit about our situation. In fact, another JetsGo flight from Halifax to Toronto that was scheduled for roughly 3pm left on schedule. They allowed another flight to go, leaving us behind, after we had been sitting in the airport since 5am. At 4pm i removed myself from the flight, the plane being worked on all day (they had to fly in a part and tests were not going well) and had to shell out to get a flight home with Air Canada (who lost my luggage).

    Interface problems with their website are the least of your worries. Many of their xmas flights were delayed from 5 to 12 hours. And apparently a JetsGo flight out of Calgary left the passanger’s pets on the tarmac.

    Fuck their interface and their “service”. Go elsewhere.

  11. I also have had a terrible experience with Jetsgo. My wife and dog travelled from Toronto to Calgary on the 21 of December and returned on the 2 of January. In total, both flights were delayed 12 hours. You can imagine my dog was not pleased, niether was I. I sure hope my dog wasnt left on the tarmak.
    Leaving Toronto, the stewardess’ were rude and after 6 hours of waiting refused to close the plane door until they recieved their inflight meal. So we waited another 10 minutes.
    In Calgary, we waited another 4 (1 hour in the plane) so that they would not have to move it because they use Westjets wing of the airport and Westjet wanted the gate.
    In flight there was only 1 washroom availabe on the plane for about 1 hour so there was a constant line up in the aisle.
    In Toronto the customer service was horrible. I asked for someone to check on my dog (which I was told was to be last on and first off the plane) and all I recieved was an attitude from a girl named Jodie. I beleive it was that I wanted her to actually do some work. We also waited over an hour to get all of our baggage. We were told they only had 2 workers so they had to load, unload and return to the plane 4 times. By the way the dog was last off the plane.
    In short, do not use this airline. Pay the little bit extra and save yourself the headache.
    On their website they state that time is important to the customer and that they will get you there with a smile. I also found the opposite. They delay all of their flights so that they make sure the planes are full thereby inconvienenciing all of the passengers.
    The bottom line for this company is once they have your money, screw you.

  12. Fly with those morons only at your own risk. I flew return to Ottawa fromVancouver with them once and had Nightmares both ways with delays cancellations and lost luggage.

  13. flew to vancouver from toronto for the holidays. flight was delayed 5 hours each way. worst thing is they kept us waiting in the plane most of the time when they should’ve just left us in the waiting area. i arrived home on sunday morning without my luggage. they said that they had to remove some bags b/c the plane was over capacity. it’s not wednesday and i cannot get a hold of anyone at jetsgo. i get their voicemail whenever i call any of the 2 numbers provided. if i’m lucky, i get to leave a message. most of the time the phone is busy and the message says the voice mailbox is full. next time i will fork up the extra $100 and fly another airline.

  14. Ouch! Just booked and paid for two trips from Vancouver to Toronto, getting excellent rates, especially the $20.04 return portions from Toronto back to Vancouver. Wouldn’t have done it, if I had seen the previous posts. I hope the outcome is a lot better than some of these horror stories.

  15. my experience with jetsgo has been negative as well. i attempted to take advantage of the advertised 20.04 fares. i made 100 attempts to find an outbound and return for this price. approx. 1 in 10 outbounds could be found for 20.04 but every return flight was between 174.00 and 320.00. OR I could find a return flight for the 20.04 price but then the outbound would be priced 174.00 to 320.00. NEVER an outbound and return together at the advertised price. I sent 2 emails to jetsgo with no response, and attempted to call them 100 times in normal business hours over a 2 day period (i’m stubborn) and the line was busy every time. Either this is an obvious scam or they are extremely incompetent business people in over their heads.

  16. My apology. I cant read. went back to website and sale price is only for flights outbound from toronto. i should pay more attention before i bitch.

  17. Give them a break, its growing pains. Haven’t you ever stumbled when trying something new.
    You could switch to another airline and pay more
    and still have maintence delays, weather delays
    and lost baggage. Give these new airlines a
    chance to work it out. If we don’t we will be
    left with Air Canada and their high fares. Thier
    customer service is no better.

  18. Give Jetsgo a Break? …. Give me a break!

    Sammy your notion of letting a new airline work out their growing pains is dangerously ill placed. I was on the same flight as amy. What she didn’t explain is that Jetsgo hired a company to return our luggage and then washed their hands of the matter. Three days after our flight, the luggage courrier company was still overwhelmed and unable to determine when they would be able to return the luggage. My luggage contained work related material – without it I lost two days work.

    In fact sammy, Jetsgo was unaccountable for problems in other primary aspects of their service. After booking the flight we were told it was rescheduled to leave 2 hours later. Then it was delayed. Instead of arriving at our destination at midnight, we got in at 4am! Most people were a tired and uncomfortable when Jetsgo then told us our luggage was still in Toronto. Thank goodness they lied – because if I new I wouldn’t get my luggage for three days I might have awakened to the fact that Jetsgo hadn’t acknowledged any of these inconveniences.

    So sammy, we didn’t get a flight at the time we booked. We didn’t get our luggage for three days. These, failures in service weren’t acknowledged. I can only hope they are more accountable for the life safety aspects of their service.


  19. Steven Garrity mentioned that feedback should go to Jetsgo.

    I called and was assured that, although they could not deal with me on the phone, an email would be responded to within 1.5 weeks.

    Well its 2.5 weeks and there’s been no reply. I co-operated with their protocol through this whole process.

    That’s a total of 0 (zero) fulfilled services from JetsGo on that flight. Except they did get me to Vancouver alive. Should I give them 1 point for following through?

  20. I was booking my fights and found both were $1. At the payment step I got a message that some one else bought one of them before me and to return to booking. When I did there was still availabilty for that flight but at a much greater price. Has anyone ever gotten both flights for $1? I think when you are going through the booking process that the flights should be held for the first person booking.

  21. I have booked with JetsGo for travel between Charlottetown
    and toronto twice in 2003, The service was wonderful and my
    baggage arrived both times, I have also been lucky to get another
    ticket return from Ch’town to Toronto for $20.04 each way, with no problems.
    “Bravo JetsGo” for making my visits to Toronto a breeze!!!!!

  22. Please give us a break about your dog not being happy with Jetsgo… Just leave it where it belongs…in a kennel

  23. Well it is interesting to see that I am not the only one who suffered on Jetsgo. My husband and I had a flight on January 5 from Halifax – its was at least 1 1/2 hours late (waiting for flight from PEI). We didn’t mind – we had a 5 hr. wait in Toronto. This cut down on our wait – so we thought. We then had a 1 1/2 wait on the plane for supposed travellers coming from Montreal. Resulting in being an hour or more late arriving in Vancouver (11:15 rather then 10 pm) as well as another hour drive to our destination. On our return – to leave at 11pm-left at 1:15 am (of course being up all day)-arrived Toronto late, missed our Halifax flight by an hour and a half -why couldn’t they wait for us if they did so for the group from Montreal. We ended up staying in Toronto for 12 hrs. (mind you hotel room and food was provided-thank you Jetsgo). Our flight from Toronto to Halifax was delayed – to leave 7:30pm-but left at 8:45pm.(waiting for group from Calgary) Arrived late in Halifax by about an hour. So we gathered adding all this up that we missed almost a day of time. Staff were fine -(however, should keep comments to themselves such as “Jetsgo-were never on time”)Unfortunately, if this practice keeps up, Jetsgo will eventually lose alot of customers. The most common words heard in the airport – “You get what you pay for” or referred to as the “Mexican Chicken Bus” Come on Jetsgo – lets get our act together.

  24. I intended to take my mother (79 years old) and her companion (75 years of age and never travelled before) to Cuba on January 30th. Since I was travelling with my Mom and her friend plus my wife and our 5 years old son I tried to pick an hotel close to the beach along with reasonable traveling hours.. So We picked Cayo Sta Maria wich looks real nice …Departure time was supposed to be an ”easy” 8h30 am and return trip 16h30..Super. So I bought for about 8.000$ worth of tickets ”packages” would be a more appropriate term.

    I went to the travel agency on January the 15th to pick up the tickets..What a surprise when I (and I mean I) nobody knew at the agency… that our departure time was now 21h00 to arrive at our hotel around 2 am…Then We will be leaving Cuba at 3h20am on the 14th instead of the 13th..

    At the agency they were apologies and a phone call to TOURS MONT-ROYAL the tour operator.. They had knwn since Jan 3rd about the shcedule change but nobody ever bothered to say anything..

  25. took jets go from vancouver to toronto plane was late leaving vancouver several hours when arrived in toronto the connection was already gone to montreal so there was approx 7 hr wait in toronto,jets go provided meals but they were one confused bunch,ticket counter in vancouver was nasty service what a bitch she was old bag! jets go wont last for long to yoyo!

  26. We were flying free (except for the surcharges and taxes and such) this January because of Jetsgo’s screwups last Christmas. We complained and they took a couple months to get back to us, but they gave us a $200 voucher for each ticket we had purchased. The voucher was only good toward the price of the ticket, but still… its a good gesture.

    I returned from Toronto two weeks ago on a sunday night and my flight was delayed a couple hours (they couldn’t figure out how to work the gate when they arrived in HFX). They kept on saying something would happen in 5 minutes (apparently 5 = 60 for Jetsgo people). Now I’m supposed to go pick up my wife and the girls in an hour and the web site says the flight is on time…. Do I trust Jetslow’s website?? Not really… so I called. I guess this one is delayed 50 minutes (so far…. It hasn’t left the ground yet, so this may end up being more).

    On their web site, they make the statement, “Isn’t it about time an airline put the quality and value of your time in the pilot’s seat?”. They make absolutely no claims of doing this themselves… YES Jetsgo! It is about time!

  27. Yeah…. Just called again. The flight is delayed another 10 minutes. I don’t think I’ll be back from the airport any time on February 1st.

  28. Last February 8th, my wife and I boarded flight SG880 to Punta Cana for a long anticipated vacation. We followed standard procedures for checking in and boarding the aircraft. The flight was very smooth and the service on board very cordial.

    Upon our arrival at the Punta Cana Airport we deplaned, went through customs and then to baggage claim. This is when our vacation started to turn sour. The luggage in my wife’s name, for some unknown reason, never made to Punta Cana with us. We filed a report with the baggage personel at the airport with the optimistic attitude that the luggage would arrive later that evening or the next day. On the same flight another lady’s baggage did not come in on the flight, however we were not at the same hotel so I don’t know if she finally received her luggage.

    Well, here we are, 16 days later, back home and still no luggage.

    How can this happen? The luggage has its baggage ID from the check in counter, a Jetsgo ID tag as well as the standard owner identification tag that is on all luggage. What is the traceability of luggage? If luggage is not on a flight for whatever reason is there a holding place for unclaimed luggage?

    I can understand that flights can be delayed for various reasons any many of these are out of your control or for the safety of the passengers. But in 2004, not being able to trace luggage is beyond comprehension. I would have thought that following 9/11 procedures would have been put into place to ensure that the same number of baggage were loaded onto the plane as were registered, and that a cross verification via bar code would have been done. I work in a munfacturing environment and traceabilty of a customers product is essential, losing a customer’s product is disasterous. The luggage that has not yet been found is my product.

    I have previuosly informed Jetsgo of the undelivered luggage and received a standard response which I have copied below. By the way, 30-45 days to respond to lost luggage in my opinion is too long. Customer complaints should be prioritized and lost luggage should always have a high priority

  29. I agree. I’m not impressed.
    My son flew Toronto-Vancouver last week and his “non-stop” flight had to make an unscheduled stop apparently to dump fuel? Needless to say he arrived in Vancouver 3hrs late.
    While in Whistler he broke his wrist and the surgeon recommended (in writing) that he have the surgery done within 7 days in Toronto. This meant he needed to return to Toronto 1 day earlier than scheduled. (Actually it was only 14 hrs earlier and on the “red eye” – the only flight they have on Sundays.) JetsGo would not accept his original ticket ($489) and charged him an additional $255.00 plus a $25.00 change fee. This trip was no bargain.
    We paid up and he arrived home this morning at 6:30am only to find that his luggage was now lost and the delay in finding this out also caused him to miss his specialist appointment at the Hospital. (Surgery is now scheduled for tomorrow)
    I have been geting a busy signal at JetsGo for the last 2 hours calling the 1-866 number. I finially got through and then they gave me the local (long distance) phone number for baggage service in Toronto. Good news – apparently the bag has arrived in Toronto – Bad news – but now they have missed the delivery van so I still don’t know when it will arrive.
    It’s really sad that JetsGo seems to be following in the footsteps of AC.


  31. My husband and I flew to Winnipeg last week, we were two hours late leaving Halifax, when we inquired at the desk in Halifax as to whether we would get our connection in Toronto, they said, no way, but to check with the 1-800 no. because they didn’t have a computer system to tell them. My husband called and they told him the plane we were taking from Halifax to Toronto was actually the same plane continuing on to Winnipeg, we had to leave the plane in Toronto, and reboard 2 hours later…..of course of flight was late leaving Toronto. We arrived in Winnipeg almost 3 hours late…We had a meeting, which we are 1 hour late for, our business partners had to wait for us before the meeting could start. My son’s girfriend works for Air Canada, and she says that Jetsgo is the laughing stock of the industry, and we can see why. My time is more valuable the Jetsgo give it, and we will never fly Jetsgo again. I also can’t believe that they charge for Soft drinks and coffee and tea. We flew West jet and they still offer these drinks for free. Jetsgo are trying to hard to be cheap and it shows.

  32. After a week in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic via Jetsgo flight SG907. We arrived at approximately 3:45 AM after a 6 hour delay (no compensation).

    My baggage had been totally gone through, damaged and several items stolen. Jetsgo had promised me that I would be compensated after filling out the required forms that they would send me. After I hadn’t received said forms, I again contacted them. I then received the forms which I promptly filled out. Now after 3 months I have finally received a cheque for $250 of my $809.30 claim. The amount is well under the Baggage Liability Limitation.

    To get to this point, there have been several phone calls, letters and e-mails. Not only should the public be made aware of Jetsgo’s poor customer service, but their obvious lack of security in these days after 9/11. What if the person (s) responsible for the theft had been intent on planting a bomb instead of just robbing me? Should Jetsgo not have checked luggage in a secure environment? Should they not offer a free drink or sandwich when their flights are delayed for hours?

  33. As I read all of your responses, I wonder have any of you
    ever flown AIR CANADA, as I sure have and all the same
    problems happen with this airline at a much higher ticket
    price to the consumer. so the next time you fly with AIR Canada
    please remember that it is not JETS GO’s
    responsibility to feed you as you, or give free pop or
    coffee, you are paying for an airline to get you from point A to point
    B, Not to feed you !!!!! As far as late planes, bad service, and lost luggage, that happens
    with every other airline as well, I was on a direct flight with AIR CANADA from
    Chatlottetown to Toronto, and ended up taking a 7 hour bus ride from Montreal
    to Toronto, “Now 3 hours doesn’t seem that long does it???”
    If all of you think that you can run a better airline, why don’t you try it !!!!!!

  34. My daughter flys in and out of Toronto from Ottawa and I’ve been using Jetsgo because of the cheap fares. She has flown 4 return flights and everyone of them has been late. Each of the 4 trips she has been 3 hours late flying out. The latest flight she was suppose to arrive at 9:00, it was delayed until 10:30 and she didn’t arrive until 12:30. No food or beverages were offered to the 10 year girl. I ran into a friend who works at Pearson and when I told my daughter’s plane was late she quickly replied “she must be flying with Jetsgo”, is there not some agency that can pull the plug or lodge compensatory claims against companies pretending to be running an airlines, if they are this much of a joke why are they still in business? Can’t we be compensated for poor service? She is flying out tonight and this will be her last flight on jetgo, i’ll gladly pay the unaccompanied minor fee on Westjet where people are treated like people and not likecattle going to slaughter.

  35. I completely agree with EV – EVERY airline has problems at some point or another with flight delays & lost baggage. And the entire point on capitalizing on the JetsGo sale prices is to get where you’re going at a cheaper price. I mean, seriously… to fly from Toronto to Vancouver for $1.00?!?! Would you not expect some things to be compromised for that ticket price? If they get me there alive at that price, I’d be pretty happy. And I don’t dispute that delays are an annoying inconvenience. But if you travel on business, or have to book an exoribitantly priced trip because you need to fly somewhere last minute, well… delays and lost baggage can STILL happen – there are never any true guarantees.

  36. My Girlfriend and I flew down to Cancun on a JetsGo charter and had a great experience both ways. I even got a hummer from a male flight attendant on the return flight 🙂

  37. hi Everyone,

    in regards to ev’s reply, let us all think once again,havn’t you gone through all these inconviniences with any other airline be it Air Canada, Westjet, Canjet or any other jets. delays happen, even if you travel with British Airways or any other top class airline. there are wether, mechanical, technical delys. don’t forget that the airline you are flying with run into lots of costs when they are delayed, i don’t think they would like to do that, its just that they are concerned with you saftey, as they are responsible for your life. do you rather wanna travel with a little delay or end on CNN, BBC or CBC headlines. you then won’t even be able to see that headlines, coz i don’t think there is satellite in the other world. haha, just a little joke but hey have you ever thought what your delay was due to? i have travelled a lot myself to lots of places and with different airlines, beleive me all these things that you are talking about has happened to me, but i have been patiant (not a bitch to the poor employees) and i did get a good service each time from all these airlines. i think they go through a lot of stress when they have to deal with us tough travelers who want everything to be perfect. once again folks no one is perfect, that applies to Jetsgo as well. i salute Jetsgo for their prices, service and nice and young, enrgetic staff. after all you have to be young, with a pleaseant look and appearance to be in the airline industry so you could serve us passengers with lots of demands. unlike air canada with their old and misreble staff who can be very rude to you(gone through that as well) i am sorry folks, i have nothing against old people, as i am gonna be old one day, but hey that industry is for young people.
    i again appologise for my remarks if it in anyway make you feel bad . but again i wanted to say what i wanted to say, its called democracy and i do appologies for my spelling mistakes, i am sure there are a lot of them. so once again folks be paitaint and enjoy life, don’t expect too much out of it.

    Matt fm Toronto

  38. We used Jetsgo February 7th – 14th to go to Cuba. What a nightmare ! They were 6 1/2 hours delayed leaving the London airport which didn’t put us into our resort until 4:30 a.m. the next day. Then the return flight was unbelievable ! Leaving the resort, we were told the flight was on time….lie… was 3 hours delayed, but it gets worse. Once we were boarded we knew there were more problems. The was a mechanical problem and we were all taken back off the plane and stuck in the Holguin airport for 32 hours. Now I applaude the pilot for putting safety first, but during our 32 hour hold up….we had absolutely no contact with any Jetsgo representative or Sunwing representative ! We used our cell phones to call home, purchased calling cards etc… and finally family members from home got action so that a rescue plan was sent to pick us up. JETSGO literally left their passengers with no help or representation ! The pilot and attendents were taken to a hotel about 1/2 hour after deboarding and we never saw them again until the rescue plan came. They flew in a Jetsgo mechanic on Sunday (by himself) to fix the plane …which he could not do and they left him stranded as well. He was great trying to keep us up to date but he had trouble getting information from Jetsgo as well. I have a career in Customer Service and I cannot believe Jetsgo’s lack of service. Read their moto ” On time, every time”. What a joke. I hope London Airport drop them as a carrier for winter travel next year. The Custom agent, London airport workers etc…had to stay overtime until 5:30 a.m. Monday morning to clear us ! Jetsgo have offered all passengers $250 to fly with them again.

  39. I flew Jetsgo Airlines with my twenty month old daugther from Toronto to Vancouver and returned Feb. 17th, 2004. The flight leaving Toronto was delayed over an hour without explanation and there was no running water on the plane except what was leaking from the roof of the aircraft…On returning our flight was delayed five hours without apology and the on board staff were less than friendly…The turbulence and flight itself was horrible…They also lost our luggage and now almost two months later, I’m still waiting for compensation….I have filed a complaint with the Air Travel Complaints Dept. (gov’t of Canada) because I can never get an answer from anyone at Jetsgo…They don’t answer the phone, return messages or give you straight answers…At first they tried to tell me I had checked in without any luggage, now, after them losing over $1000.00 worth of contents, they’re only willing to compensate me $250.00….I haven’t even rec’d that….I advise anyone NOT to fly this airline…They have the worst customer service I’ve ever experienced….Definitely a scam, I don’t care how new they are, there’s no excuse for this….

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