Best Webcam Shot of the Year

When it gets this cold (-40 with the windchill in Charlottetown today), you have to talk about the weather.

From the IslandCam in downtown Charlottetown today:

today: boxers AND briefs


13 thoughts on “Best Webcam Shot of the Year

  1. Having just woken up at 1 pm with a bad cold, I am reminded again of the joys of having a propane furnace in PEI. You see, they have an exterior air intake and an exterior outlet 12 inches from the ground. Outside. Where the drifts reform every 37 minutes. Blocking the pipes. Turning off the furnace. Two more days of this I understand.

  2. Thats why every one should be on Central heating… If of course they live in A) Charlottetown and B) in the very small serviced area.

  3. By central heating do you mean that piped service from the Tri-gen plant? Central heating in the common sense is what I have – unfortunately the house has outlying bits.

  4. It’s so cold that the accelerator on my parents’ car froze, sending my mom careening into a snowbank. She was shaken, but ok.

    It looks like even the bronze soldiers are trying to rush across the street, much like their fleshy creators.

  5. 1 hour away in Sackville, we’re getting less snow, but it has been -43 (windchilled). Walking to my midterm yesterday my lenses popped out of my glasses. I encountered a friend en-route, and we planned (without shame) to purchase the longest, woolliest, full-body underpants available at Stedman’s (our pseudo-Zellers).

  6. On the North Shore, about 4 miles from our poor suffering Alan, my wind chill meter resisted -59 C. For those interested in such things, Environment Canada indicates that is -74.5 F.

    During the same period, it was +37 in Adelaide Australia.

  7. I’ve been walking 15 minutes to and from work in -25 to -40 windchills in Ottawa for 2 months. What’s the fuss?

  8. Having lived in Pembroke, I get the point Ben but there is a big difference between -25 and 10 km winds and -15 and 50 km winds or what ever combo makes an equivalence. Its the wind (as always) that sucks here. Snow drifts packing like concrete growing faster than the orange trucks can get to them. And it is a west wind which means my pipes – placed there supposedly hidden against the prevailing winter wind – are frozen, the east-west oriented floor beams carry cold into the house and generally the place is Ice Station 17.

  9. Craig – and here I was contemplating surprising you with the gift of a 2-4 of best bitter…well if -74 F with the wind chill fighting frozen pipes for three days in the dirt floor crawl space while hacking up globs of my lungs is a wuzz, I am a wuzz. By the way, isn’t -74F about 1/3 the way between water freezing and absolute zero?

  10. It was about 31 degrees on the plus side today in Melbourne (Australia), thank goodness it cooled down this evening.

    And my sun-burn is getting better, thanks for asking.

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