AoV’s Roving Reporter on Google/Blogger

Not wanting to be left out when something interesting happens, I emailed Google’s Press Center about their acquisition of Pyra (the company behind Blogger). I received a sparse, but prompt and polite reply from the Director of Corporate Communications including this statement:

“Google recently acquired Pyra Labs, developers of Blogger — a self-service weblog publishing tool used by more than one million people. We’re thrilled about the many synergies and future opportunities between our two companies. Blogs are a global self-publishing phenomenon that connect Internet users with dynamic, diverse points of view while also enabling comment and participation. In the coming weeks, we will report additional details. Blogger users can expect to see no immediate changes to the service.”

Often when webloggers are covering a developing news story, there is the tendency to wait for the commercial media outlets to get the official story. Why wait? Pick up the phone and call. You’ll probably just get the company line (like in this case), but it’s worth a shot.

Also, what took a day and a half to catch up on this story? I still don’t see it on Salon.


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