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PoppyThis Veterans’ Week Canada remembers its veterans of the Korean war, the First World War, and the Second World War. Also see the CBC’s coverage.

If you catch this post by 11AM Atlantic time (10AM Eastern), you can watch the ceremonies in Charlottetown on the webcam.


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  1. Don’t we just remember those who fought in the Just and Right wars?

    Before angry people flame me, I’m just joking

  2. Most other years I would not think about Remembrance Day as much, but this year I did. My grandfather who served in WWII died last Winter. Remembering him made me actually think about what the men and women did for us, I love them all for it. Canada is a great place.

    To think we might be going back to war very soon against Iraq must be very painful for the vets.

  3. After the service in Charlottetown we went around to Richmond street to see the parade march out Debbie Hawke’s and Blair Ross were out back ranting about social injustices. Nobody went near her and everyone seemed quite disgusted that she would use this time to draw attention to herself. It was very disrespectful, fortunately the marching band and crowd cheers drowned her out while the veterans marched by.

  4. Is there a certain irony that the exercise of free speeach on the day we remember those who died for liberty is received with disgust?

  5. I believe they have the right to speak however we give these men and women 30 minutes each year where we pay our respects and cheer for them. Is there a need to interupt this time? Why not at least wait unitl after it is over to say your two cents.

  6. I never knew that Canada had a special day or week as you say to celebrate war and veterans. Australia, celebrates our veterans on April 25th on a day we call ANZAC day (stands for Australian and New Zealand Army Corp). I will dob myself in by saying I don’t know if this date is historically significant, however it is the day when our war veterans march. November 11 is ‘reserved’ as such for Remeberance Day or Armistice Day as I believe you used to call it. I was very dissapointed this year that I was the only one of my friends to pause for a moment at 11am to remember the reason I live in a free country. They should remember as every school (therefore everyone who schooled in aust.)pauses and the last post is always played at 11am 11/11. I will always remember as i had many relatives die in both world wars and it’s importance has always been impressed upon me by my father.
    I noticed that there was no mention on the front page of our national newspaper ‘The Australian’ to remind people of this special day. Maybe we need a whole week too.

  7. oh yeah, and we also use the same symbol of the red poppies, (representative of the fields of poppies in france)sold to raise money for war veterans.

  8. I wish I had of made it down to the service Monday. I would have personally went over to Debbie Hawke’s and Blair Ross and used some of my own free speech when telling them to Fu*k off! It really sickens me how these 2 go about trying to live for free. Argg. Sorry for going a little of topic. I’m just sick of them hippies.

  9. That would have at least been better than the usual constipated state, Andrew. What with the crappiest Workers Comp scheme in North America, you would have no doubt advanced the debate more than the government has been able to.

    I went to the Cavendish service which is in the national park. About 40 people were there. North Rustico, about 5 miles away had a few hundred and another 5 miles East Wheatly River apparently had a massive turn out. Wheatly River, a metropolis of about 15 families now, has a massive Boer War era cenataph (sp?) – perhaps the best in the province.

    Luci, we know about ANZAC day through the song “And the Band Played Waltzing Matilda” which has got to be among the saddest war songs ever written. The author, an Aussie, immigrated to Canada.

  10. …the Mel Gibson movie Gallipoli goes some way in the battle scenes to express the pointlessness of the strategy. It was their Dieppe. When they learned that English generals don’t mind killing colonists for a test.

  11. Well Al, now that you’ve gone and mentioned me I feel as though I should contribute something 😉

    Luci, I too was disappointed to see Rememberance Day somewhat overlooked. On Monday (not a public holiday here in Australia) everyone was wearing poppies but there was no real mention of it in the newspapers or the news. Instead it was refered to as yet another of President Bush’s publicity events.

    I did take a minute to notice that it was 11am and to think of my grandfather, a war veteran, who would be attending a Rememberance day service in Halifax this year.

    I would’ve liked to have seen the Ch’town ceremony a la webcam as Steve suggested but I noticed the post too late.

    Lastly, what’s with the black centers for the poppies this year? Why the change? Does anyone know?

  12. For what it is worth, the black centres are a return to a more botanicly correct version. When I was a kid – say the early 70’s – there were two centres in each poppy, a smaller green over a bigger black.

  13. Charlie knows more about this than me, but I think the decision to switch to exclusively black centered poppies was made back in 1986 and it just took us this long to get through all the previously made green centered poppies. Has anyone else heard anything about this?

  14. I am looking up the words for” Anzac Day”we seem to have forgotten our first world war men & women can anyone help me. Thankyou.

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