Anatomy of a Frivolous Petition

About five months ago, I called on fans of the Northern Exposure TV series to sign a petition for the release of the complete series on DVD. Since then, over 1000 people have signed on. People did more than just sign their names. Many have enthusiastically shared what it was they loved about the show.

The petition seems to have peaked in September (with links from some fine NX sites). I’m sure people would keep signing up, but I think we have enough to make a point (as small a point as it may be). The chart below illustrates the number of signatures per day over the course of the petition (see full-size version).

Do you think Edward Tufte watched Northern Exposure? I bet he did.

The petition is now closed. If you didn’t get a chance to sign up, or if you did and want to do more, there is another NX DVD petition to which you can add your name. I’ll be sending the petition to the appropriate parties (if I can find out who that would be) and I will post any pertinent responses.

To all who linked to and signed the petition, thank you. To those other readers who couldn’t care less about Northern Exposure, thanks for bearing with us (and occasionally deriding us); this should be the last you hear of it for a while.


2 thoughts on “Anatomy of a Frivolous Petition

  1. Ugly original graph made in Excel, then tweaked and prettied-up in PhotoShop. If you resize a bar graph in Excel to the perfect width, it draws each bar as 1-pixel and makes for a good screenshot.

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