Mail Order Canada

Canadian Favourites (bonus points for correct spelling of ‘favourites’). Now anybody can get the Canadian experience of eating bulk Kraft Dinner, Swiss Chalet gravy, and all you need to brew your own Double-Double.

I’ve noticed a lot of Canada-envy in our discussions between the accents and the root-beer. But now, you can all live like kings. Cheers.


7 thoughts on “Mail Order Canada

  1. Rob – what have you done? You should never have showed this site to me!

    I am currently in Brisbane, Australia (1 month today) and have beening making a mental list everytime i go to the grocery store of all the things i am missing from home. Now i am seriously tempted to by that bottle of Cheeez Whiz and a box of Kraft dinner (or 6).

    I can see why this site is probably very popular for those traveling abroad for any period of time. I mean, hey, i’m all about experiencing another culture, but meat pies and lemmingtons can’t compare to a well-made grilled cheese sandwich made from cheez whiz.

    damn you rob fletcher.

  2. When I originally found the site, I remembered that Nick as abroad earlier this year, and I realized that there must be a few of us oot and aboot.

    Since I’m heading to university tomorrow, I’m not worried about missing the taste of cheesy macaroni. But I could see how I could have missed it 2 months ago. Especially the shapes. They /do/ taste better, i might add. Heartier too.

  3. Hmm, I didn’t bring the whole accents thing up as Canadian-Envy, but I can see how it might have been taken as such. You crazy people to the north of us are just so full of wonder and I cannot wait until I can hang oot in Toronto or PEI, talking about hockey and macaroni.

  4. When I lived in Austin, TX I used to crave Coffee Crisp and Caramilk chocolate bars (not candy bars). Thank goodness, I didn’t have access to this while living abroad. Since moving back to Canada, I’ve found a new addition to my chocolate bar cravings the Cadbury Caramilk Dark. Though it has been really tough to find –

    It’s good to be home.

  5. melba might enjoy the canadian rock band invasion of australia in october for the m-one festival. nickelback, default, a simple plan, the tea party – all canadian, all good, if you’re into that kind of thing.

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