Computer games: the new golf

In a very wired move Wired magazine continues to publish the entire editorial contents of the print magazine online each month. It’s all there – no delay, no catch. Smart move – particularly for situations like this, where I want to discuss a story from the print magazine on a site like this.

There’s an interesting article about the role of ubiquitous broadband on the social structures in the worlds most wired city, Seoul. The Bandwidth Capital of the World, explores how being online is a social activity in Korea rather than an isolated activity, as it often is elsewhere.

The article is particularly interesting if prefaced with Derek Powazek’s book, Design for Community – the art of connecting people in virtual places and Ben Brown’s excellent article (based on a panel at the 2002 SxSW Conference), Taking Online Interactivity Offline.

Also, listening to keyboard-night on CBC Radio Two’s Radiosonic with Grant Laurence. It’s all good. I hope they play Joy Electric.


One thought on “Computer games: the new golf

  1. Apparently, Joy Electric is now known as Joy Electrical. Ronnie’s steering it in a new direction, and wants a new title. Go Ronnie!

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