better than a dead moose’s head

After a heated debate, one which I was positive I was correct and felt silly defending myself, on the topic of “are lobsters insects” (they have like eight legs without counting the claws, that should have been enough!) I found myself researching big bugs on the internet. I learned about the biggest bug (aptly named the Titanus Giganteus) and somehow I found Bug in a Box.

You can buy all kinds of dead bugs in boxes here. Cool leaf monsters to beetles that look like works of art. I was amazed as I went through this at how neat the idea was. They even have couple of very ugly ones.

I want a Death Bug.

Is this like wearing fur? You can get a butterfly to match your couch!


4 thoughts on “better than a dead moose’s head

  1. Technically (and this is only because I took evolutionary bio last semester and this is my only outlet for practical use of that knowledge) insects are in the genus Arthropoda and class Uniramia (because they have “uniramous” or single-branched legs with no joints). Lobsters are in the same genus, but are in the class Crustacea. They mostly live in water and have “biramous” or jointed legs. So no, lobsters aren’t insects, but they’re close enough. Sorry, much more info than anyone actually needs.

  2. I can accept that as a ‘insects are bugs’ comprimise. However, I still wont eat anything that looks like a lobster.

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