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Mozilla 1.0

Five long years after the release of Netscape 4, it has finally arrived: Mozilla 1.0.


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  1. Mozilla 1.0 dosn’t work for me in Mac OS X, hasn’t since 0.9.9… Have reported the bug, but I am very disapointed that they could have the full release of 1.0 and have it not work on all Major OS….

  2. Steve Miller – how does it “not work”? What is the bug number of the bug you reported? Have you tried completely removing moz and reinstalling? Some pretty heavy changes came in between 0.9.9 and 1.0, entirely removing the app was the only way to install a new nightly.

  3. Mark,
    Bug Numer 86538 is what I believe is happening to me… I start Mozila, and I get the splash screen and that is it… It just sits there, untill I force quit.
    I removed 0.9.9, and installed 1.0RC 1, 1.0RC 2, & 1.0RC 3 and 1.0 everytime completely uninstalling Mozilla before reinstalling… Now I am new to Mac OS X, I just bought my Mac in hopes of leaving my Dell in the dust… Maybe I am doing something wrong, but I would think that I should be able to open my Mac fresh out of the box and install Mozilla…?

  4. I (like Peter) have had no problems with Mozilla on my brand new iBook in OS X. And on the topic of Macs, even if I wanted to, I don’t think I could go back to PC laptops after enjoying the silence of an iBook. But that’s another topic for another post.

  5. I’ve had no less than awesome results with Mozilla 1.0 on Mac OS X. Works great on my B&W G3, running 10.1.5. Insterestingly, it’s the only program that responds to my scroll wheel (I can’t download Kensington’s prgram because their web page has been missing for the last two days).
    OS X users: here are two sweet (and free!) tips that’ll make you want to make Moz your default (as I have).
    1) Download the pinstripe theme from
    It’s a much better implementation of the Aqua interface than the default theme. Better: go to this address while using Moz 1, click on the “install pinstripe” button on the page, and it will download, install the theme and start it instantly- automatically. That impressed me. Then…
    2) Download Silk from Unsanity
    . This is a little tweek that applies Cocoa-style font smoothing in Carbon programs (NOTE: will only work if you’ve updated to 10.1.5). Then all your text in Moz will be gorgeous like in OmniWeb. Enjoy the view.

    PS-I’d never go back to a PC either… Oh, the headaches that I don’t miss at all…

  6. not sure if this will help but…
    i was having huge problems with moz 1.0 on winXP. the browser was acting really strangely even though rc1 had been working great. i tried uninstalling and stuff but nothing worked until i hunted down ALL the config files and stuff from rc1 AND netscape (4-6) and deleted them. now moz 1.o rocks and its my choice browser.

  7. I have to say I’m impressed with Mozilla on OS X in general, however jpegs do not display inline no matter what I try. I’ve read several bug reports on it but no fixes. This seams to be a fairly important bug and it drives me nuts!! I’m about to go back to another browser/mail program altogether.

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