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Sooner or later somebody’s bound to win this. It has snowballed up to an estimated 34 million dollars now, and I have a 1 in 10,000,000 chance of winning a slice of 60% of it. I bought two instant picks with Tag.

The last largest Jackpot ever awarded was to a 21 year old in Ontario back in 1997. That one was a pot of 21 million dollars. This one should beat it. The big ones only ever seem to be won by one person. $16.6 million was awarded to a single person too, back in 1996.

So, I am a person. I am nearly 21. I think I’ve got this one in the bag. I guess my point is, if I win, you’re all getting coffee mugs.


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  1. Perhaps I’m just stating the obvious, but I think the lottery is one of the most telling symptoms of the plague of desire in our culture.

    I would enjoy winning a few hundred dollars on a scratch-and-win ticket like everyone else – I have bills to pay. Still, whenever I hear people talking about the lottery, it always makes me feel kind of sad. In the advertising-driven culture we live in, we’re all encouraged to want that something more, that something beyond what we have. The lottery is the composite of all of these manufactured wants and desires.

    Buying a lottery ticket every week is the saddest thing I can imaging. I says ‘I’m unsatisfied with my life – and I’d be happy if I had money’.

    I might be a huge loser, but I also find the thought of winning such a sum more frightening than exciting.

    I know, I know. Relax, they’re just lottery tickets. That’s true – Rob, for example, is a happy person – I don’t suspect that his desire for wealth permeates his life. Still, think what it says when you buy a lottery ticket.

    That’s not to say I don’t have plans for becoming a wealthy eccentric. I just don’t plan on winning the lottery to get there. In fact, if you read my plans, you’ll notice that they actually have little to do with wealth, and are really just plans for eccentricity.

    Another thing about the lottery that strikes me funny: People who buy tickets because the jackpot is particularly high – what, $2 million isn’t enough for you? (I know, that sounds like bad-standup-comedian material).

    Let me know if have any other parties that need a poopin’ on.

    Related music:

    • Soak up the Sun (RealAudio) by Sheryl Crow. The cassette player in my car is broken so all I get is radio, but this lyric caught me: “It’s not having what you want, It’s wanting what you’ve got”

    • Moola Moola (Windows Media) by Jordy Birch. This is what I’d be listening to in my car if my stereo did work. Jordy is the former lead singer of one of my all time favourite bands, Pure – if you investigate, start with the song Lemonade and move to the Generation Six Pack album.
  2. I would have bought you a mug too, Steven.

    Related music:

    • If I Had $1000000 (RealAudio) by The Barenaked Ladies. I don’t own a car, and so I don’t have a radio or a broken tape deck. The lyric that caught me, (in the between-stanza banter of Ed and Steve): “But we’d still eat Kraft Dinner”.
  3. What I do is only buy a lotto ticket when it goes over 10 million and – for a delicious moment before the banal disappointment – it could be me. I don’t buy tickets with expectation anymore than I go to movies for self-improvement. Come to think of it, lotto tickets are much cheaper and they are a participatory sport.

  4. I’ve always thought if I won such a serious amount of money I’d give some to charity, and go to all my favourite indie content sites and send them a few PayPal bucks and buy a few choice webloggers something off their Wishlist. That way, I wouldn’t go utterly mad with wealth and succumb to my inner consumerism, and I wouldn’t never have to work and become incredibly bored with life and spend all my money on Class A drugs. The moral: give freely to your favourite websites upon winning money. It’ll be for the best in the long run.

  5. ijust want to say that i never bought lotto tickets because i figured if i put the $3.00 away every time i wanted to buy a ticket i would have more money in ten years saved then i would have won with a ticket

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