for 10k they should wash my car too

As I was poking around the Apple History, trying to sponge up as much of my new heritage as possible before my iBook arrives, I stumbled across an anecdote concerning Apple’s 20th Anniversery Macintosh. It was a pricey beast at around 10,000$ but somebody wrote in with this bit, making it all seem worthwhile:

… it started at a retail of $10 K. But what this included was that a limo would deliver the Mac to your house, and a man in a Tuxedo would set it up for you… Not bad for $10 K.

Don’t they do stuff like that at Saturn?


8 thoughts on “for 10k they should wash my car too

  1. I did slew of test-drives recently and Saturn, true to their reputation (a.k.a. their ‘campaign’) was the best dealer. They were the most knowledgable, courteous, and made me feel the most comfortable.

    For record, I did not buy a new car. Rather, I opted for the S.O.N.C. technique (Shitty Old ‘New’ Car).

  2. Looks like it is driven by a low level CIA contact wannabe. Black K car. I hear Steven is checking out the low rider shocks packages. Bouncing the Black Spirit on lunch breaks.

  3. All true, Alan. By the way, anyone wanna buy a 1987 Toyota Camry? It runs fine, but it needs work for inspection – $750.

  4. “Not bad for $10k?” That’s freaking horrible for $10k! For that much, I want the guy to stick around and go to work for me, clean my house, cook me food…

  5. I remember that around the time the Anniversary Mac came out, one showed up on Jerry’s desk on Seinfeld, replacing the older Mac that had been sitting there before. For some reason, I was always fascinated by that computer sitting there, episode after episode, never used.

  6. Steve.. I hear that you’ve joined the ranks of us “Spirit” drivers…. If this is true, may i be the first to welcome you to the club… We have a special wave and everything…

  7. I recently got a new Saturn (my first new car) primarily because of the level of service – and they have not disappointed me so far. They even delivered a cake to my office a couple of weeks after I took delivery.

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