cows strike back

Yesterday I learned about a suspicious connection (or a dark cloud gathering overhead) between a bacterium in Pasteurized milk and Crohn’s disease.

They haven’t proven anything, but if it is eventually proven to be true, I think it’s perfectly fair for a cow to give me a disease after I’ve eaten so many of thier brethren.


5 thoughts on “cows strike back

  1. Another chink of the armour of the great milk lobby.

    I actually find the promotion of Milk quite fascinating – they’ve done such a good job of marketing that Milk is now treated like water – you need it and only a quack would criticize it.

    Unfortunately, the anti-milk lobby doesn’t do a very good job of distancing themselves from actual quacks (and tasteless pranks don’t help them much).

  2. Milk. What does it do for you? I drink soy not because it is trendy but it does not get an assist in the game of life killing you. Its all the same on shreddies. Milk leaves a weird taste in the mouth – admit it.

    …but then there is cheese, the product that all milk aspires to become: green veined sheep’s milk roquefort, five year old cheddar, Finnish skim lappi – I really like cheese. I like supporting bacteria crafting mammalian lacation into molded gob of tangy yum. Ancient northern art of protein storage. Hindus at home think westerners stink of cheese. I like it so much that I am gonna start making it at home – I have the bacterial strain in the freeze now…nearby. I’d die a month younger then my date with the Lord if my cheesie rations between now and then were only the excellent and surprising – no more marble at someone’s wife’s aunt’s.

  3. I am an unabashed milk lover.

    I buy those huge 4L jugs of 2% milk, and drink them in a week or less.

    So here’s at least one person who likes the taste, and does not, as of yet, have Crohn’s Disease*.

    * I do not mean to make light of Rob’s exciting disease. – I’ll let him do that.

  4. I love milk and drink a lot of it but I must admit, ADL milk leaves a funny taste in my mouth, and not a good one at that.

    Before moving to PEI, I lived in Nova Scotia and drank only Brookfield’s (or Scotsburn, I can’t remember which). It is truly great and I bring some home with me every time I head back to PEI from visiting my parents.

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