Windows XP: suddenly everything sucks.

I usually try to avoid posting links that are going to be on every other blog in the world. It makes me feel like a sheep.

This is one of those types of links, however, there is something that I found particularly amusing about this one.

Somebody is adbusting Microsoft’s Windows XP billboards in England. The ads originally said “Suddenly everything clicks.” – which is apparently in violation of AutoDesk’s trademark, but that’s another story.

Anyhow, the billboard is changed to say “Suddenly everything sucks.” Mildly amusing. However, what caught my eye was the pure joy and pride on the face of the woman at the bottom of the photo. That made me smile.

See the photo.


8 thoughts on “Windows XP: suddenly everything sucks.

  1. If we the end-users would just NOT buy anymore of this hideous software or buy from the computer makers that force it upon us ,we could put a stop to this. We dont buy , changes will HAVE to be made. That simple..I REALLY wish people would start to read the “end user” agreements and see whats going on, it’s crazy to agree to these things.Learn to SAY NO not complain on message boards.

    Say NO to product activation/hidden processes by NOT buying it ! Seems most people (not aware) like XP and along with this they send the signal that software activation/hidden processes are ok , it’s NOT.

    Want to surf the world without any trace of tracking or privacy issues ?? Buy a shortwave radio 🙂

    One last thing , where are the smart people in this world ???? cant anybody come up with an easy to use for the masses ,straight forward operating system ?????

  2. The masses don’t want an operating system. They don’t even know what an operating system is. They want to play music, send email, and browse the web. If someone offers all that for less money and easily available, then the masses might pay attention, but they won’t be there for the freedom.

  3. XP is the start of the end 🙁

    Where you will have to pay for every click on the internet.

    Where you will have to give your identity for every click on the internet.

    XP will be in total control of your computer.

    XP will decide what you can and can’t do.

    XP will track and profile you.

    XP SUCKS !!

  4. You know what folks? If you all had half a clue on how to operate a computer, you wouldn’t have anything bad to say about XP. Turn off the intrusive services, download software to keep yourself safe and then go surf. Pay to click internet won’t happen. How stupid is that theory. Wow people! Get a clue!

  5. I concur with Todd, for the most part. Yes, it’s bogus as hell that all these things are turned-on by default with Windows, so that only very computer-literate people can protect themselves from viruses, spyware, etc.. I use both Windows XP and Linux (RHEL 3, Fedora, Debian, and Mandrake) and I have yet to be seriously effected by any problems. On Windows, I run a good firewall, spybot, ad-aware, and I watch m settings, and installations very carefully. On Linux, the only problems I have are self-inflicted errors in configurations. such as breaking the X server. I love linux, it’s my main OS, I only use Windows for Macromedia and Adobe products (Web Development/Graphic Design). But unfortunately, I think linux needs a lot of work to be ready for average joe-user. I can work it well.. but give my mother an installation of something as easy as say.. Mandrake or Fedora… and she’s go nuts.. I love Debian.. but I wonder how many people were ready to try linux and started with debian…. saw the installation method and ran away screaming telling all their friends to never atempt it! lol… I shouldn’t laugh but it’s true… One thing most computer savvy people forget is how mystical computers are to average users.. So again.. I am all about freedom and open source.. but honestly is; I believe people would pay upwards of $500 a pop for XP or the next Microsoft OS, because it’s what they know.. and people will pay for a sense of familiarity and comfort regardless of the dangers.. (If you grew up in the ghetto and learned how to live.. you’d just assume stay there than move to a strange neighborhood on the other side of town, even though it’s a lot safer!)Same thing goes for computers..

    :::my 2-cents:::

  6. Not sure what spurred on this new conversation, but in case you guys haven’t realized – this original post is about 4 years old.

  7. SP2 has come and gone with its long list of flaws and increased user restrictions , I still do not use XP and will never use such restricted software or hardware when that is locked down.

    It is now 2006 and has anyone noticed while trying to gather information on the net , the increased frequency of : “to read this article you must subscribe” OR “to purchase this article” , lol ! It’s coming 🙂

    It is inreresting to see this is still open to post and I still do not have to “REGISTER” to post !


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