one year of aov

Steven's 12th birthday at the Garrity family cottage in Stanhope, PEI, August 1990 - cropped from the photo are Steven's sister Emily and silverorange's Dan J.
In the wee hours of August 25, 2000, one year ago, Matt christened the newly formed with the inevitable inaugural post. Matt put it well:

I realize the excitement of having ones own website is not one which extends very far beyond the proprietors of the website, but if everyone will just pretend to be as thrilled with the concept as we are that’ll be just fine. No matter the level of outside enthusiasm, I know we’ll have fun.

We know how we feel about the last year of aov (pretty good). What interests us much more than that is:

How do you feel about the first year of aov?


14 thoughts on “one year of aov

  1. Is there another site where I can read and write about CFL, vinyl, pei IT / politics, fast food and Lord Goog? If there is send me the link.

    Otherwise, buy yourselves a large milk or whatever it is you nutty kids drink.

  2. Thank you kindly Al. However, before we are flooded with kindness, let it be known that we are not fishing for compliments. Criticism is welcome.

  3. Mike is back in Vancouver and tho he, unlike myslef, is a shameless self-promoter we are not here today to promote self.

    No, we are here to announce that the Empire is preparing a special treat for our favourite computer geeks.

  4. Nick, your post warmed my heart. Let’s hear it people, what were your favourite aov posts/threads of the year?

    A few I’ve particularly enjoyed:

    (Tech Note: To get the url of a particular post, you can right click on the link to the post from the archive page or from the search results and choose ‘copy shortcut’. For linking to a thread of replies, just copy the url from the location bar in your browser.)

  5. Well I will admit I have only discovered this site within the past few months but since I have I have become an an AOV addict for many reasons including

  6. its a local site where i can read about local events
  7. your sites content appeals to techies and job blow users
  8. you sort the crap out of the interent and post good(yet fucked up) links to differnet sites
  9. the people that reply to your threads spark interesting and humerous responces

    So yeah those are some reasons..As corny as they maybe its what i think.So heres to another year of AOV..



  10. Thanks, Mark. Your directed and honest comments stand out in a sea of cowardly sarcastic crap (like this post).

    To the great Forgetters: I am honoured, amused, and disappointed.

    “the internet, good or bad for the web?” – I am still laughing at that. Your mirthful JPEG and insightful mocking shows that you have clearly been reading aov for a while. respect.

    Why am I disappointed? Well, first of all, go download the Georgia font, it’s free. Second, and more importantly, I am disappointed that you were too cheap to register

    Thank you.

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