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In my short 18 years as a television watcher, I have come to the decision that M*A*S*H is one of a handful of shows which I consider to be good. I’m sad to say that I’d watch almost anything if I was bored, but not necessarily enjoy it. Steven likes Northern Exposure. Maybe I should watch it, but I never seem to be sitting on the couch when it’s on.

A lot of people also like “All in the Family” but, I get frustrated at the old guy. TLC has good stuff on it like Junkyard Wars and Battlebots, which I try to watch frequently, but, I often find myself missing stories and learning about characters and watching them develop as they do in M*A*S*H.

Apparently there is a M*A*S*H spin-off with Trapper working at a hospital when he gets home from the war. I guess it wasn’t as good, because we don’t get 2 episodes a day of it on Prime.

I’ll finish this with a quote I found:

“It is amazing how the show is enjoyed by people who were hardly on the planet when we made it. Amazing and terrific.” -Alan Alda (Hawkeye)

(The title is one of Hawkeye’s finest lines, when the OR was shorthanded. But, it’s possible that educated should be intelligent I can’t remember.)


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  1. what about the special treat that is A&E mystery theater? Columbo, Banacek, McMillan and Wife, McCloud, and – my personal favorite- The Rockford Files.
    It doesn’t get much better than Jim Rockford, his kickass car and his weird old man figurin’ out a case in that ratty ol’trailer. This is a show that combines solid entertainment with one of the best theme songs ever. I will admit, however, that it may take a good 2 or 20 viewings to get hooked…

  2. Mr. Vincent’s Top Five shows of all time:

    1.)Mystery Science Theater 3000
    3.)Max Headroom
    5.)Power Puff Girls

    I’m not joking around either.

    Ever notice that television is a great conversation starter? Ask Cool Breeze about Fishing with John.

  • yeah. what boost said but also include “pee wee’s playhouse”.

    the first season was good, but i think it got a lot better when the flowers started singing the king of cartoon’s entrance theme instead of the new york trumpet player.

    it seemed like jambi the geni and the magic screen played lesser roles as the series progressed.

  • All these responses and not a single plug for Law and Order? It even has a suprisingly nice website…

    • Law and Order
    • Northern Exposure
    • The Simpsons
    • World’s Scariest Police Chases 1,2, and 4
    • News Radio
  • Okay, you people are missing the obvious champ of the TV world.

    Blind Date. Yo.

    11:00 am AST channel 3.

    Endorsed by Award Winning Poets and Top Notch Electronica Outfits everywhere.

  • Okay, you people are missing the obvious champ of the TV world.

    Blind Date. Yo.

    11:00 am AST channel 3.

    Endorsed by Award Winning Poets and Top Notch Electronica Outfits everywhere.

  • i’m always impressed with blind date’s use of the whole “pop up video” motif.

    a really great obscure tv show is errol morris’ in person. it was on bravo last summer, and it totally takes the piss out of the whole barbara walters style interview.

    it’s similar to his documentary “fast, cheap, and out of control”

  • I’d delete your duplicate posts if you were patient and didn’t insist on making sarcastic comments about them.

    I have never ever watched Blind Date. However, somehow, I automagically have this anecdote from the show.

    Funniest Blind Date pop-up ever:
    Big tall black man on date walks into Italian restaurant. Small old Italian waiter gets a speech bubble pop-up saying: “Oh my God! It’s Michael Jordan!”

    Again, I have never seen Blind Date.

  • Here is my list of favourite television shows (I only watch the Game Show Network, by the way).

    1. Match Game (That Charles Nelson Reilly…).
    2. 3’s a Crowd (The original where the host who is not Allen Thicke asks the secretaries and wives of these men things like, “Has your boss/husband ever made whoopie at the office.).
    3. Family Feud (When Richard Dawson hosted it. He is everything that I’m not. Nuff said.)
    4. The Simpsons (Okay, that’s not on the Game Show Network, but it’s the only non-game show I watch. Oh, and Malcolm in the Middle because it’s on right after The Simpsons. That’s a pretty good show too.).

    You can forget about
    The Newsroom, Fawlty Towers, Monty Python’s Flying Circus, Twitch City, The Larry Sanders Show, The Sopranos, Taxi and Cheers. Those shows all suck compared to Match Game.

    That was sarcastic. But do you know what popular television show really sucks? Seinfeld. Stupid water cooler, predictable, one-joke episode, Seinfeld bad actor garbage. You were all deceived.

    Thank you for your time.

  • My name is Dan and I have an unhealthy obsession with “COPS”. I look out the window when they drive by with their lights flashing. I follow them sometimes.

    I like to dress up in my “cops” clothes when I watch it on Saturday night. I put on a wifebeater (white tank-top for those politically correct people) drip beer on it and wear shorts that don’t cover all of my butt. Then I color in my front teeth, nice a black so it looks like I don’t have any. Sometimes to really get in the mood I let my lawn grow really long, hang out on my porch with no shirt on, put the buick up on blocks in the long grass and swear at my neighbours.

    If you doubt my obsession with COPS, steve can verify it as he saw what happened to my diet and sleeping habits when I found out it was on at 4AM every morning.

  • Good call Jenny,

    My only beef with that show was one episode when Rocket Robin Hood (Rocket Robin Hood) needed to use some kind of shrinking ray to save the world. They also had to go underwater while small.

    I remember hearing Robin cautioned ‘Since you’ll be so small, you’ll only have 2 minutes of oxygen on a full tank!’. Wouldn’t his lungs shrink too? So would his clothes, but, cartoon physics says that clothing does that, so I won’t pick at it.

  • have caution! it is dangerous to question the almightiness that is cartoon-logic (think of the mind games of Astro Boy- inviting us to play his game with nary an answer!)
    turn your mind instead to haiku:

    merry friar tuck,
    snacks alike on pear and plum:
    throws them to the wind….

  • Most likely nobody will see this call for help, but i would be very indebted to whomever could point me towards a website featuring Moncheechees, who, up until last year, i thought i had made up as some weird/fake childhood memory.
    Please, someone, my sanity is in your hands! Don’t let me down….

  • Twitch City is on right now. I am hoping it is back on CBC regularly. Best Cdn show I have seen in years.

  • Agreed. I saw it tonight, and I think they’re playing whole series from the beginning foward (you know, as opposed to the opposite).

    On an unrelated note I’m pretty sure I had a conversation with someone who was trying to convince me that there had been a show called the Monchichis. I didn’t believe them, and they thought I was making up the Barbapapas.

  • Barbalala
    Yes! Barbapapas!

    I was also recently defending thier existance to a bunch of people who hadn’t heard of them. They were great. I mean, what stimulates a kid’s imagination more than a crack team of blobs that can take any form and save rollercoasters from certain disaster? (the answer isn’t the TMNT).

    Barbalala was hot, and Barbouille (that was the spikey black one, right?) was the bad-ass punk. But, that’s just me.

  • okay. almost ideal saturday morning line-up:
    rocket robin hood, monchichis (arguable), barbapapas….and the adventures of hercules (Herc! Herc!),

    (and maybe the episode of dungeons and dragons where the orphans get pulled under their beds to serve as slaves in some other dimension).

  • sorry. on a tangent. i have to add these for the sake of completeness:
    the Littles, followed by the Ewoks (where the giant hovering rocks terrorize the ewok village after the rock-giant hurts his tooth) and ending with O.G Readmore’s saturday morning special (the one about the Land of Og).

  • Hey, sorry I’m not really sure what I’ve stumbled upon, I “googled” barbapoppas for some reason and here I am! I definately remember barbapoppas, and monchichis (although my sister and I refer to them as ‘momochichi’s’ i don’t remember how it was pronounced as i was relatively young when they were around. (I am only 24 now)I also remember the Land of og! i didn’t think anyone else did…people think I am crazy when I mention some of the stuff i watched as a kid. anyways, hey to whoever you guys are on this msg board!

    keep on rockin’ in the free world!

  • There was indeed a show called the monchichis, there is only one girl at work who remembers them like i do. Tootoo was my favorite and i had that doll, they used to have holes for mouths where they could suck their thumbs.. cute concept, dont remember much else.

  • now this is interesting. for years I’ve often remembered that Land of OG show particularly because of the music they played during the closing credits of the first half of the show. even tried to search out the piece of music that was played but didn’t quite have much success. and I do remember monchichis too. think my cousin had one or two of the dolls. remember you could stick their fingers in their noses and ears. hehehe 😉

  • I remember the Barbapapas!!! How about the Great Space Coaster!? Or Sigmund the Seamonster?! Or the Sleestacks from Land of the Lost!? Or the New Zoo Revue?! Or Dick Dastardly and Mutley…Catch that Pidgeon, Catch that Pidgean!? WOO-HOO! LOL Memories of the great ol days…

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