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ActiveBuddy, as far as I can tell, is a new service that will retrieve info from participating companies via queries from AOL’s Instant Messenger. It’s got a little buzz going, and lots of IT media hype.

Is it just me, or is this a stupid idea? The example on the activebuddy website goes like this:

JoeUser: Hi TravelBuddy. What are today’s travel bargains?

TravelBuddy: Hi JoeUser. I’ve got some terrific travel specials for you today… [phony bargains snipped]

In a bizarre corporate/anticorporate move, radiohead‘s record company will be making ‘radiohead info’ available through activebuddy.

The announcement said a “Radiohead agent” will be able to reside on a user’s contact list, and will respond to requests for information about the band, the album, tour dates, song lists, artist bios, album credits, purchasing information, and other related material. (read the rest at

I don’t have a strong argument to make (or any kind of argument at all), just that this seems like a dumb idea. I have posted it here so that in 3 months we can all come back and bask in my crapulence or clairvoyance.


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  1. This discourse on their website reminds me of my King’s Quest days:

    JoeUser: I want to make a conference call to Jerry, Amanda and Thomas
    PhoneBuddy: I have 2 numbers for Amanda. Should I use her Home number.
    JoeUser: Use her Home number.
    PhoneBuddy: OK. I am dialing everyone. Your phone will ring in a few seconds.
    If you need help, type help.

    Space Quest:
    “You see a pair of thermal underwear”.
    Get Thermal Underwear.

  2. Police Quest 1:

    “You see the secretary”
    Remove Clothes.
    “You have lost the game”

  3. Was that Police Quest or your court transcript Charlie.

    (Poking fun at someone I hardly know. DICLAIMER: As far as I know ‘Charlie’ has never had a cour appearance. He did not molest a secretary)

  4. Hi. I got interested in “Turing Tests” recently. From reading way too much Sci-Fi, I was convinced that there were levels to it. E.g. the base Turing, and then more and more extravagent ways to prove or disprove whether or not the “intelligence” that you are talking to was, in fact, organic or not.

    Anywho, I blasted through the Google hits, tried out a few that are online, and came to the conclusion that they pretty well still suck.

    Guess there are no big surprises there, huh?

    Here’s a list with a lot of dead links:

    Scroll down to the “Talk to them” section and have a snort or two.

  5. hello my name is yogi and i like playing basketball and i want to know some aim robots’ names do you guys kno any?

  6. here are some robots i had in my buddy list and so im giving it to u guys :
    1. Austin Powers
    2. LolaOnAOL
    3. smarterchild
    4. ringmessenger
    5. dnlflipit
    6. recipebuddy
    ok well that’s all i have but if any one has more then i would like to have the screen names for the robots (email me if you have them). so…in case i dont come back to this website… your welcome people… buh bye!

  7. First off….. FU*K AOL!

    Hiya! Here’s some bots i come to know and love! Tehe!

    SmarterChild – He’s back after derrn near 2 years! And he can do LOADS of sh*t!! I got my ppl working on that hack… IM ON IT QUIT BUGGIN ME! But now u got 30days 2 try him out… then you have to pay for him…. (9.99)

    Let’s see….
    *sign on AIM* *coughs* aolcangotohell *cough*

    DellDudeSteven – he’s the “buy a dell” guy from TV but now he only responds w/ one thing b/c he got fired for being aressted in NY for buying dope. heh…

    VaVaVirgil – She’s cool, i guess but she will randomly talk about why it’s cool not to smoke. If you’re in to that, go for it.

    Like just said… Austin Powers

    and the last one i got is SantsClause – **Note** He Only Comes On Around X-Mas time… Come Dec.26 He’s GONE! LoL!

    Right… hate mail goes here ->

  8. Hi. I know a few robots.. one is “smarterchild” and i think another one i Ellebuddygirl.. from the magazine ELLE.. but im not sure.. go to the website to see if i got it right. but smarterchild is DEF one.. they also usta have one from mountain dew.. but i dont think it works anymore

  9. Hey…well…i only got a couple of robots on my buddylist..nd i was wondering if any poeple knoe email me if you do…=)

  10. yo im lookin 4 some robots im me at lilmidget7783, or NL n PG 4eva13 so if u have any im me n tell me what they r n i’ll tell u mine so DO IT!!!

  11. hey this is jamie and i was wondering if you have any robots screen names? i have some and here they are for you guys.


    Well thats all i have but if you have any plz help me out.


  12. Well heyy guyss i only have a bit of aim bots sooo here::
    I have more i just can’t rememberr right now


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