legal weed for rob?

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Before I dive into this topic, I’d like to point out that I am a hypocrite. I choose not to do recreational drugs which may have relatively minor side effects because I think they’re bad for me. But I have no trouble taking drugs that are “good” for me and my illness which have horrible side effects.

With that out of the way, I’d like to share with you my patchy research.

In the states in the US which have legalized marijuana, there are very strict guidelines one must follow. In my spotty research, I’ve found Crohn’s Disease on all the lists of diseases where sufferers get some relief.

In Canada, I understand that there are three types of people who can try to recieve legal marijuana. Group 1 are people with a terminal illness with 6 months to live or something like that. Group 2 are folk with a chronic disease and who get relief from weed. Group 3 is for everybody else who thinks they should be allowed to enjoy marijuana for medical reasons.

So. I’m feeling fine now (after the surgery), but since Crohn’s always comes back and is presently without a cure or a surefire drug, I might find myself on the non-lit end of a medicinal joint, legally, sometime in my future. Maybe I’ll even get a prescription for it. Go figure. If Crohn’s were contagious, people would smooch me in the street.


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  1. It works.

    7 years, only 2 hospital visits, some minor predisone runs. No maintenance drugs, though I’m fighting with my doc over remicaide (sp?) because I’ve heard the side effects are nasty, and I really don’t feel like dragging around for 2 days every 6 weeks or whatever.

    I stumbled across it as a rec. user, sort of. It’s a long story, but suffice it to say I’m a seasoned professional developing 3d graphics who also has to live with CD. Even working 80-90 hours a week, I’ve been able to avoid the hospital for some time now.

    Make a decision that suits your personal moral dilemma, because I know it’s there (at least it was for me). The interesting thing for me is now that I do something that’s illegal to medicate a problem the government cannot cure or even really do much about, but have so persistantly chosen to fight, I see a perspective on the way these people look at the drug problem I never understood really before. I mean, what IS medicine right? Is it really a definition we should leave to lobbyists? In my mind, I decided I AM an expert on me. The problem is real and acknowledged, I’ve been diagnosed by 4 different GIs, 2 world renouned, and none of them can give me any reason outside of hearsay to reject Mj’s use as a treatment option. There is no reason in politics, all there is is money. Decide what’s right for you, and don’t regret other people’s opinion of it. They are the very definition of ignorance…

    — peace chitlenz

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