good teachers remembered

This is a slightly “the more you know”-esque post. Teaching must be a difficult profession. Here a few of my better teachers:

Mr. GrantGrade 4 English
Mr. Grant gave me and a few of my classmates a special assignment to read a book that was slightly above the grade 4 level (or so I thought). He seemed like an actual human being, as opposed to the other teachers which seemed like, well, teachers.
Mr. GriesbauerGrade 12 Computer
I remember being amazed at how the same few kids who would practically crucify the teacher in first period would then engage in a meaningful and pertinent debate with Mr. Griesbauer only a few minutes later. The difference between him and the other teachers was that there was a mutual respect. He encouraged me to pursue my current career path and even helped me get a job to get me started. I understand he’s since been swallowed up by an administrative position.
Ms. WillisGrade 12 Math
Since she was the principal we had all assumed she was a crazy and vindictive woman. As it turns out, she was very good at teaching math and took a genuine interest in each of her students. By the time I took her class she was only teaching the one course and spending the rest of her time with her duties as principal. I remember one day she asked us if we felt she didn’t have enough time to adequately teach the class since she was principal. It was risky to ask a meaningful question like that to a class of teenagers. She was leaving herself vulnerable. In an uncharacteristic display of maturity, we told her that not only was she doing a great job teaching, but that she should teach more. I think she’s full-time administration now.