french ham-eating song

My relatives (all from Québec) are visiting this week and I always enjoy being with them because I get a kick out of thier culture. It seems they have a fine little song for everything, something I find missing in English, we only have Christmas songs. This being Easter, I was introduced to to the following facinating song (translated for the French-impared):

J’aime la jambon et la sausise!
I enjoy ham and sausage,

J’aime la jambon, c’est bon!
I enjoy ham, it’s good,

J’aime encore mieux, les cuisses d’la grosse Alice,

I enjoy big Alice’s thighs, more than ham and sausage,

J’aime la jambon, c’est bon.
I enjoy ham, it’s enjoyable.

They’re so jolly, I love them, I love French-Canadians.


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