aov lets down its collective guard

you have nothing to say
It has recently come to our attention that there are other people in the world, some with opinions. After much thought and a little debate about community on the web (and more specifically, on, you can now reply to our posts on aov.

See the reply link under the title of each post.


3 thoughts on “aov lets down its collective guard

  1. Wow, I replied to the ‘how to reply’ topic before anyone else. I feel somewhat more special than I did only moments ago!
    props to rf on his form skillz

  2. I hate to turn down such props. But, those were not my mad forms. Direct your respect to the driver of the yellow volvo.

  3. respect re-directed.
    when I’m home for the summer, I’ll keep my eye out for said volvo, and compliments will be given on said ‘mad forms’

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