another keyword post

It’s always refreshing to look at where our hits come from, who the referers are.

So, I looked and was saddened to find folowing Google search criteria which returned our site, and was then clicked on because the searchers thought we had what they wanted:

(not for those easily offended)

  • +”rob fletcher”+video (!!!)
  • grandmother+sex+stories (disgusting)
  • porn+e+cards (mildly amusing)
  • sex+winamp+plug (mildly disturbing)

I can remember when you got when you searched for. Then I remember when you would find hardcore porn if you were looking for something innocent. Now the table has turned. All those porn freaks who made it so bad for us all are getting a taste of thier own medicine. Hard luck finding content when you wanted pr0n.

Are there any celebrities who share my name? If not, I should be concerned by porn hunter out there with my full name.