you want humility? Boy did you come to the wrong place.

Genius causes both adulation and envy. It also causes confusion and indifferce* in those who are simply too slow, whose brains are too atrophied and stunted** to accept anything they haven’t already seen.

We are familiar with love. We receive it in quantities which would make you blush. Sometimes though, those fearful of our talents, embarrased that they lack our intellect and savoir-faire, send us hate:

Goddamn it Dorrel, you theiving bastard, I will have you balls for this
obvious and out-right theft–even if you said it first . . . and yeah I know dorrel has two l’s,
you bastard . . . Goddamn it, I am so mad I can hardly finish the second period of NHL 2000.

Of course I have no inkling as to what might have set this person, who shall remain unnamed, off. Clearly though, he*** needs help. Being the magnificent human that I am, I bear him/her no ill-will and have already forgiven his/her abuse.

* There is a link to, and description of, aov somewhere on the page.
** The page linked to is filled with text so trite and cliched (imagine an accent on the e) that I cannot begin to think of anything appropriately caustic to say about it.
*** Or she, as the case may be.
**** Abusing footnotes would be more fun if I knew how to make little numbers appear instead of asterisks.