aov does xml

First, let us get some acronym* definitions out of the way:

  • aovacts of volition
  • XML – Extensible Markup Language
  • RDFResource Description Framework
  • RSSRDF Site Summary

With that out of the way, aov has setup an RSS channel. RSS is an XML application based on the World Wide Web Consortium’s RDF Specification.

Now in english: RSS is a simple format for web syndication that lets any site make it’s headlines available to be grabbed by any other compliant site. For example, let’s you add these channels as custom news on your home page. Headlines from any site that that creates an RSS channel can be added to your home page.

The people at seem to expect those with an RSS channel to include this graphic on their site. Clicking on this graphic will add aov headlines to your page. That is if you can bear the buggy and irritating signup process. Seems more like viral marketing for Netscape than an open news standard. The graphic will not be displayed on aov permanently (only in this post).

The format is cool though. An example of a good implementation can be found at Peter Rukavina’s (which has been nicely redesigned). The News page at uses RSS to grab headlines from, The PEI Government website, and (drumroll please) Acts of Volition.

* acronyms are stupid.