how to be a rock star and not suck

pearl jam bootlegs
Pearl Jam, always the peoples band, is releasing 25 double-CDs of 25 full concerts mastered and recorded straight from the soundboard.

Retailing at around $10 each, for about $250 you can own a big chunk of the 2000 Binaural Tour. That may seem like a lot to spend in one go on music but people are paying $60 – $100 a shot for one poor quality bootleg.

While ‘hardcore’ Rage Against the Machine plays the MTV;; Video Music Awards and Billy Pumpkin whines about not selling as many albums as Britney Spears*, Pearl Jam manages to make good music in a universe parallel to that of our pop culture.

Thank you Pearl Jam.

* Gotta give billy some credit for releasing Machina II: Friends and Enemies of Modern Music under the nose of Virgin Records.


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  1. I sent you my web site (Steve Garrity) my new band is “NEW” but getting some good reviews we are only 15-16 the music is black but all heart !!!

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